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. ‘Coronavirus, setback for education sector

. ‘Coronavirus, setback for education sector

’ From Fisayo Akinduro, Osogbo

The Coronavirus pandemic ravaging the country has been described as a major setback for the education sector in Nigeria.

A retired teacher, Mr Moses Afolayan who disclosed this in Osogbo said Nigeria’s education sector still have a long way to go compared to developed countries.

Afolayan while lauding some state’s government effort to teach students through televisions and radios said the move is alien and may take awhile before students get used to it.

He said government at all levels and concerned stakeholders should as a matter of urgency find a solution to the ravaging pandemic in order for students resume back to their classes.

“The standard of our education is not encouraging, yet there is a break with the Coronavirus pandemic. Just look at students from Ghana or South Africa, you will understand why students go abroad to study.

“How many foreigners we have in our schools compared to Nigerians studying overseas, you will agree with me that we are yet to get it right.”

Afolayan urged teachers, especially secondary school, to get across to their students through their parents by monitoring how they study while on break.

“It is not only the responsibility of parents and guardians to monitor children at homes; teachers too can extend the courtesy to various homes by encouraging their students.”

He equally urged parents to guide their children in choosing a career, noting that Nigeria is producing unproductive graduates which poses a threat to the future of the country.

Owena Press Limited (Publisher of The Hope Newspaper), Akure

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