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Corporal punishment hardens child –Counselor

By Kehinde Oluwatayo


A Counselor, Mrs Modupe Adufe has said that corporal punishment as a form of discipline can harden a child if not moderately done.

According to her, discipline must be instilled with love to achieve its purpose which is to correct bad behaviours.

Adufe who made the remarks during an interview with The Hope opined that corporal punishment as a form of discipline should not be eradicated from schools completely but should be done reasonably.

“Discipline of any form cannot be excluded from education since it is a means of correcting wrong doings and children being who they are must be corrected because of their tendencies to misbehave.

“Most of these children are not being corrected at home. When you punish some children, the parents will even threaten a legal action against you.

“But when discipline is done in love, with the purpose of making the child realize the wrong thing he has done and change, the child will like you,” she said.

When asked why teachers still apply corporal punishment on students when government is not in support of it, Adufe said it is part of discipline but must be done responsibly.

“Even the bible says spare the rod and spoil the child. The environment dictates how to discipline a child. Two or three strokes of the cane is enough to correct a child.

“When a teacher gives ten strokes of the cane, that is wickedness and when cane is often used on a child, it hardens such a child and the purpose of discipline is defeated.”

According to her, asking a child to kneel down and raise up his hands or asking him to cut a reasonable size of grass is more effective than corporal punishment if properly monitored.

She said any punishment that does not allow a student to attend classes or takes too long is wrong.

“Asking a student to be cutting grass when his mates are attending class is not good. At times, some teachers will punish a child for one week, some a whole term, that is too much.

“For a grievous offence, the child could be suspended and his parents invited so that next time he would know that if he commits such offence, nobody will support him”, she said.


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