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Corporate Ankara styles for trendy ladies

Ordinarily, Ankara might not be exactly taken as appropriate to be worn to the office because it is bright, distracting and generally casual.But recent fashion trends have made Ankara the delight of every babe as new designs,  patterns and colour combinations unfold.

If not acceptable to be worn in some offices during weekdays because of the nature of the job,  on Fridays, it is no problem at all. It is allowed to dress down and freestyle in most cases as there might not be any serious official matters to attend to at work.

Little wonder why workers especially ladies always get excited to see another Friday so they can show off those exotic, charming and portable styles of Ankara designs in their corporate resembles.

However, if it has to be regarded as fit for “corporate affairs” the styles to make out of the fabric must, though classy, be as simple as possible, decent, smart and body-fitted, not too elaborate, busy or colourful. It is a great choice for career women to wear to work and still fit in in the corporate world.

If you want to spice up your office wardrobe a little bit away from the usual boring suits and those monochromes, just with few yards, you could get some Ankara corporate styles made, suitable for office wears that aren’t  going out of vogue anytime soon.

Most times, you can make different types of dress but the style of the Ankara outfits imust be very professional: it could have the classic pencil silhouette with  the hem of the skirt goes below the knee, so that the shirt worn under it covers all the areas that should not be exposed while in the office.

You can also try out a sheath dress with appropriate length, and add its elements, such as cuffs and collar to make it look corporate. Jump suit with appropriate sleeve length is also a perfect one. Single suit top or jacket shirt and  skirt can also be made of Ankara.

A combination of Ankara with a plain colour fabric so as as to have a blend and play down the bright coloured pattern can do the job. You can try out An Ankara peplum top with a pencil skirt/trousers, a plain shirt/top with a fanciful  pencil/pleated/flare skirt, among others.

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