Couple in street  fight over  infidelity

Couple in street  fight over  infidelity

By Tola Gbadamosi
There was a mild drama on Sunday evening,  when a commercial motorcyclist, Clement Adelaja, and his wife, Toyosi Ojo,  engaged in a free for all fight over alleged ill-treatment and  infidelity.

The 30-year-old  Okada rider,  Adelaja  and his 26-year-old wife, Toyosi, threw  caution into the wind, as they exchanged blows  at the popular The Hope bus-stop, along Reuben Fasoranti way,  Ado/Owo  road, Akure.

The noise of the woman, who  kept  shouting  on top of her  voice attracted our correspondent and  some passers-by  who wanted to intervene in the quarrel.

Adelaja and  Omotayo, The  Hope Metro  gathered, had been  in a relationship for over six years,  which  had produced two children.

When our  correspondent got to the scene, Toyosi  was  seen holding on to  the man’s   shirt  while he kept  dragging her.

The Hope Metro investigation revealed that Adelaja, had  trailed  his estranged wife to a  hotel in Ijapo Estate, Akure, where  she reportedly told him on phone, she went to look for money.

It was further  learnt  that  Toyosi an  hairdresser and an indigene of Ekiti State, claimed she had a child before meeting Adelaja,  who promised to marry and take care of her.

Speaking with The Hope Metro, Toyosi alleged  her  estranged husband of leaving a wayward life, despite  all his promises to change.

Her words, “This  man will never  change. I’m  done with him. I don’t want him anymore .

“He  always  come  home drunk and messed up the compound and  the whole house, after which I would clean everything  up.

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“It  has  gotten to the stage that  we’ve been advised to pack out of  the house.

Toyosi  also accused her husband of neglecting her and the children,  while he  constantly beats her to a  state of coma.

“This man  always  beats me  every time to the  extent that I’ll faint. Not  only that,  I will go about borrowing money  from people to take care of the children and  he  would not pay back.

“I had to look elsewhere for  money to provide  food that my children  will  eat.

“At  a stage, I could  not take care of  the children, I had to go to a  mission house to stay with my children .

“I walk from Oshinle to St. Luke, he would  not bother to carry me and the  children  nor give us money for  transport.

Toyosi, who  admitted that she  had to go out to look for money any where, warned Adelaja who she claimed failed to pay her  bride price, to stop disturbing her.

However, Adelaja, while  explaining  to The Hope Metro, said  he is  still in   love with his wife and wants her back.

A lady, Omolayo, who  claimed to be a friend to the family  confirmed that Adelaja  had failed to fulfill  his  duties to his family.

According to her, Adelaja had been  trailing his wife about, while she was   tired  of him monitoring her movement.

“So, Toyosi this evening, when he called to know where she was,  she told him she was in a  hotel in Ijapo-Estate. Thereafter, Adelaja  went to the hotel  to beat her and dragged her to  the main road,” Omotayo said.

Couple in street  fight over  infidelity

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Couple in street  fight over  infidelity

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