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Court dissolves 22-year-old marriage

Court dissolves 22-year-old marriage

By Seye Fakinlede
An Akure Grade A Customary Court has dissolved a 22-year-old marriage between Mrs. Biola Jimoh, 42, and Mr. Wasiu Jimoh, 48,on the grounds of ill treatment, cruelty and  lack of affection.

     The petitioner, Biola, had earlier approached the court to dissolve the marriage because she could  no longer continue with the union.

When put on oath, Biola told the court that her estranged husband always fought and beat her over trivial issues, while she  accused him of witchhunting her soya milk business by inviting flies.

The petitioner, however, prayed the court to grant her  the custody of the children.

The respondent, Mr. Wasiu Jimoh Williams, admitted the claim that he drinks, but he said  not to stupor and denied the petitioner’s claim of witch hunting her business.

He stated that the petitioner  became a nagging wife and  quarrelsome, shortly after he converted into christianity from Islam while she  also denied him of her  marital obligation.

In his judgement, His Worship, Akinleye Akinseye held that  “it is obvious that the marriage has failed and broken down irretrievably, since both parties have accepted to  go  their separate ways.

Adedeji granted the custody of the second and third children: Sukura Jimoh,( 14), and Naufisat Jimoh ‘7’  to the petitioner,  exempting  the first child, who is 20  years old.

Akinleye, therefore, dissolved the marriage and ordered the respondent to pay N10,000 monthly  allowance to  the court registry for the children’s upkeep.

The respondent, he said  wiil also have free access to the children during  reasonable hours of the day, adding that both parties shall be responsible for the children’s basic needs.

Owena Press Limited (Publisher of The Hope Newspaper), Akure

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