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COVID-19 taught entertainers how to save-Ààre Òrò

By Bamidele Kolawole

Popular Nigerian Yoruba Oratory poet and Master of Ceremony, Kolawole Oluwafemi, also known Ààre Òrò has said that coronavirus pandemic has brought financial management to the entertainment industry, adding that he is not spared in the hard lesson.
Speaking in an interview with Friday Extravaganza, Aare Oro stated that the pandemic had taught him a great lesson not to spend lavishly but save no matter how little the money is.
He revealed that most of the events he was earlier contacted for before the pandemic had been postponed while others were done secretly without him.
“There were many celebrations we ought to have anchored but the pandemic has encouraged virtual party, which makes an MC irrelevant”.
“We do home delivery, birthday chants, surprises, most of our clients no longer call because no one wants to be infected with Coronavirus”, he said.
The Lagos based artiste disclosed that with the recent development, he depends on God for survival.
He urged his colleagues in the industry to save money and take care of themselves in order not to full victim of the deadly virus.

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