Creating mental pictures on your idea

By Tope  BAbatope
To be able to convert your invisible resources; time, character , virtues, ideas, etc . You must pay attention to a very special word , called picture.  Picture is essential and fundamental if you must truly convert invisible energy to tangible products.The most important word in conversion is pictures. You need the pictures of that thing that you are willing to convert.

After gaining an understanding of your idea, you must create pictures in your mind. From understanding comes pictures. Before anything becomes tangible, it will first exist as a picture in your mind. Everything that God created and that we see now came out of the intangible. The ability to create the picture of what you want in your mind is what is called wisdom. Wisdom sees the invisible. What is still invisible to everything and everyone else, a man of wisdom is already seeing it and already carrying it around.

The concept and pictures in the mind of architect made him to draw into sheet of paper even before the land was gotten , what’s still invisible to everyone else, a man of wisdom is already seeing it and already carrying it around.

It is the same thing with family, if you have to build a successful family entity, you need first the pictures in your mind. If you want to build the country, you need pictures. If you do not have pictures, you will mess up the process.

Anything you want to construct in life must first be constructed in your mind. To convert any invisible concept you have or any invisible  energy into ideas and from an idea you must create pictures. From an idea, thought or word, you must create a picture of what you got or what you see.

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Pictures are formed in the mind, the mind creates pictures. Your mind determines your effectiveness in life, it determines your relevance on earth. The more you develop your mind, the more successful you become on the earth. Nothing is of more importance that you possess than your mind. The pictures bring about the details, the details is what brings out the colour, the radiance and the beauty.

Sometimes to get a detailed picture, you need to embark on research to make sure all the process is considered and all the factors are taken into account. Research helps you form the best picture and put all the different pieces together.


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Creating mental pictures on your idea

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