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Crippled man, 2 deaf healed in Akure by 26-yr-old woman

Crippled man, 2 deaf healed in Akure by 26-yr-old woman

By Tola Gbadamosi
The city of Akure, the Ondo State capital last  Friday erupted in wild excitement and jubilation when a 26-year-old woman, Bose Isaac who in the course of evangelism, preaching, prayed for a crippled  man with leprosy and two deaf men who instantly received healings.

The rare occurrence which took place within the  Erekesan Market popularly known as Oja-Oba, around First Bank junction attracted a huge crowd.

The crippled man who got healed was a popular beggar at the First Bank junction in the market while one of the deaf men known as Chidi was also said to be selling recharge cards  at the  same junction.

Traders and  passers-bye according to eye witnesses were said to have abandoned their wares and  milled around the lady,   requesting to be prayed for.

It was gathered that when the crowd  became uncontrollable, the woman was whisked  to Chief  Elemo’s palace, a stone throw from the scene of the event.

Sources said the crowd continued to  increase, as they protested why the miracle worker woman was  taken inside the palace instead of allowing her to pray for many who gathered outside waiting to receive similar miracles.

At a point, when the crowd was becoming uncontrollable and almost degenerating into a stampede, people at the palace invited the police to rescue them from the impending violence that may break out .

Police  at the ‘A’ Division, responded swiftly but faced a tough time before they could rescue the lady from the crowd and she was  taken to the divisional headquarters at Alagbaka.

The crowd followed the police van swiftly and as they surged forward, the police had to resort to firing  teargas before they could disperse the miracle seeking crowd.

The event which lasted for several hours almost paralysed  commercial activities and vehicular movements along the Oba-Adesida  ‘A’  Division road.

When our correspondent visited the ‘A’ Division, she was told by the police that Bose had been taken to the police headquarters at Igbatoro  road.

Eventually, the owner of a fashion designing shop at  No 18, Adedeji  shopping complex within the Oja-Oba where Bose is working as  an apprentice, Mrs. Juliana Okoro from Enugu State was contacted. She told our correspondent  that the lady sometimes ago approached her requesting to learn fashion designing.

Mrs. Okoro said: “I asked her to bring her relatives to sign  on for her if she is really interested. In February this year, her brother later brought her to my  shop.

Since that February, she  has not been able to pay the  N3,000 I demanded from her as the sign on fee for an apprenticeship. But I was  not even eager that she pays  the money, she added.

Bose’s brother,  who  brought  her to the shop, a 39-year-old, Mr. Jacob Adolewa whom she   is  also staying with since she came to Akure,  speaking  with our correspondent, described Bose as a devote Christian, who always read her Bible.“She has always  been encouraging me that there is nothing God cannot do.

In a chat with the 50-year-old crippled who got healed, Mr.  Jehrome Ademeso, a father of five residing at the Leprosarium along Oba-Ile road in Akure said he had been living with his condition for the past 42 years.

While speaking with our  correspondent,  he brought out the clutches he was using, showing this writer and declared “Now I can walk, my daughter  has taken them from me.

He said he was also suffering from leprosy  and deafness which is why he is residing at Ago-Ireti.

He said; “I was never born a leper, this condition had destroyed my life for 42 years, but  I am very happy now that I am healed. I thank God for this and I need to thank that woman that prayed for me.

I was crippled, deaf  with leprosy and  the lady  prayed and touched me, now I can walk and hear  all  what the people are saying,  he declared.

Meet Bose Isaac

Our correspondent  gathered that Miss Bose Issac, a native of Isua Akoko who  lived  in Lokoja with an uncle came to Akure in February  this year to live with her cousin as her aged  parents were in Akoko  who cannot   afford  her upkeeps.

 She is a graduate of Government Technical School Lokoja and a devote member of The Redeemed Christian Church of God, Akure. She  was described as a very quiet young lady. In an interview with The Hope, she said: “My pastor has already told me that God will  use me for my family.

 She narrated to our correspondent how she came in contact  with the Holy Spirit saying. ” I was in the shop one day, while  working, I saw someone passed and came back to me, he directed  me to read some scriptures from the Bible  in book of psalms 19, Isaiah 47, in water for 10 days that I will  discover  the will of God for my life.

 I  started last week and the 10 days have not been completed. I never knew I would feel such because I was trying to locate where my brother was. I saw the leper on my way as he blocked my path. The rest that happened, I cannot explain.

I attend Redeemed Christian Church of  God . My pastor had told  me that God will use me greatly for his great works. But I was always laughing I did not understand, he was always  giving  me prayer points and he also  pray along with me.

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