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Decentralisation, best for crypto-currency business —Expert

By Francis Akinnodi


A financial expert, Mr. Rotimi Ogunleye has said the Federal Government’s decision to regulate the crypto currency market could have come at the right time, saying it has given room for investors to have a clear distinction between the centralized and decentralized crypto currency market.
He said the Tron Coin cryptocurrency, introduced under the Decentralised Artificial Intelligence System launched recently in Nigeria is the way to go for investors who want to make a quick return on their investment without being at the mercy of any middleman or third party.
Ogunleye noted that the Tron Coin which is currently rated between 15th and 16th in the order of crypto currency globally is 100 percent transparent as investors can make their profits in less than one minute and can be used to book for flights, pay for cable television subscription, recharge electricity among others.
He however cautioned that investors should be wary of patronizing any bitcoin that is not in the crypto capital market as such will not yield anything as investment of that nature will go down the drain.
He said the advantages of the decentralized system of crypto capital market cannot be overemphasized as it works in block chain and also allows direct link with the market unlike the centralized system built in an application.
The expert described the centralized system of forex trading as fraud and called on the Federal Government to allow only the decentralized system to operate in the country.
He said the start-up capital is $200 and the investors will earn at whatever levels he enters into and earns 50 to 60 percent of his investment in 48 hours without any hitches.
He said the decentralized system of crypto currency is a bigger package with bigger earning and is good for civil servants and retirees who want their money to work for them and to have any means of income.
“With these brokers, we discovered that the Centralized System (CS) has failed, it cannot hold and it is full of fraud and built for a group of single individuals to enrich themselves and what we need is a Decentralized System (DS).
“With all of these dramas playing out, we have to start crying out to stop the fraud and thank God for what the Nigerian Government did two months ago to regulate crypto currency. It is a good and commendable move to stop the fraud.”
He nonetheless called on Nigerians to support the Federal Government’s efforts at regulating the crypto capital market if they want the frauds being carried out by some individuals or group of individuals under the centralized system to be a thing of the past.

Decentralisation, best for crypto-currency business —Expert

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