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Developing Home Grown Vaccines

THE best solution to any societal problem comes from that society so says an old adage We therefore feel that it is high time we looked inward to find solutions to the numerous problems plaguing us as a nation.

NIGERIANS  in diaspora across all sectors are doing excellently well in whichever countries they find themselves across the globe.

THE facts are there on the outstanding achievements of Nigerian scientists  all over the world where  they are garnering rave reviews in academic, sports, science and all areas of human endeavour.

One good example of this is Professor Ganiyu Obor of applied Biochemistry at the Federal University of Technology Akure who according to Stanford University, United States of America’s rating was ranked as the best biochemist in African and number six on the world’s list of  two  percent top scientists.

ANOTHER  highly accredited Nigerian is Brigadier General. (Dr) Otu Oviemo Ovadje (Rtd.), a medical doctor who invented the Emergency Auto Transfusion System (EAT-SET), a simple and cost effective blood auto-transfusion system.  Dr Otu pioneered this invention at the Military Hospital Ikoyi Lagos while  working at the University of Benin Hospital and Lagos University Teaching Hospital, LUTH.

  1. Oluyinka Olutoye also achieved a rare surgical feat when he successfully operated on an unborn baby few years ago. The America based pediatric surgeon led a medical team of doctors who successfully operated on a foetus whose scan showed that the unborn child had a tumour. The doctors successfully extracted the foetus out of the mother’s womb, removed the tumour and returned the foetus back to the mother’s womb. The baby was successful delivered after 36 months.

ALL these are attestations to the fact that Nigeria as a country has all it takes to flourish and stand out among the committee of nations as Nigerians are naturally talented and well endowed.

WITH these various waves of COVID 19 pandemic which has greatly hampered the economic stability of many countries including Nigeria, it is now time for Nigeria to rise up to the occasion.

THE  government should encourage the development of home grown vaccines as Nigeria has the machinery to do this. Government should take every necessary steps in this regards as Nigeria cannot afford to continually be at the mercy of external donors who donate vaccines with the aim of protecting their own interest.

As a matter of fact, the government alone cannot do this. In other western nations, private sectors contribute to finance projects that in turn facilitates the growth and development of the country.

WE also charge  Bank of Industries should see the development of vaccine especially for COVID 19 pandemic as a project that demands urgency and as a strategic national assignment.

Partnership should be made with competent national medical research  centres  to develop this vaccine.

THE benefits of doing this are enormous as it ranges from security benefits, protection of economic interest, national pride amongst others.

SUCH vaccines will last longer as environmental factors will be put into consideration when manufacturing them.

THIS will also create job opportunities for the teaming unemployed youths, save foreign exchange and general harp earned foreign job exchange as  these vaccines can as well be exported to neighboring countries.

THE federal and state governments must activate  platforms to tap into the enormous potentials of our  highly successful men and women who are making waves  outside our shores especially in critical areas of health, power and artificial intelligence.

WE therefore urge government to give this idea a great thought as it may serve as a catalyst to Nation development.


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