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Disaster: ‘Corper’ loses certificates, belongings to inferno, homeless

Miss Aniebiet Pius James is a 25 year-old Corps Member from Akwa Ibom state posted to Ondo state. Recently, she lost all her belongings including all her certificates to a fire incident which gutted her rented apartment located at Number 10, Ifeloju street, Sijuwade area in Akure, the Ondo state capital. Since the incident occurred, she said she has been homeless and needed help to enable her return back to her state. She spoke with FATIMA MURAINA. Excerpts:

Can we meet you?

My name is Miss Aniebiet Pius James. I am 25 years from Akwa Ibom state.

Which institution did you graduate from?

I graduated from the Federal Polytechnic Uwana, Afikpo, Ebonyi state where I obtained a Higher National Diploma in Quantity Survey.

I also had my Ordinary National Diploma from Akwa Ibom State Polytechnic .

I had my Secondary School at Presbyterian Senior Science School, Ibiono Ibom Local Government Area, Akwa Ibom while my primary school was at St Mary Primary School, Utu, Obotakara Local Government Area, Akwa Ibom

What happened to your certificates during the fire incident?

All my certificates and documents including my property in the room I rented were lost to the fire except the NYSC certificate I just obtained last Thursday when I passed out.

I lost my Higher National Diploma Certificate, my Ordinary National Diploma Certificate, my Secondary School Certificate, my Primary School Certificate, my professional certificates, my voter’s card and the National Identification Number card including the new Laptop I bought with my savings, my mattress , two rolling boxes containing my clothings  and books , 10 pairs of shoes, my NYSC uniforms, a standing fan among few others. I did not buy electronic appliances like television set because I knew I would be passing out soon

Why did you come with all these certificates with you?

The camp officials asked for them and they are all neccessary for registration. The originals were demanded for so that they could verify our claims then collect the photocopies and give us back the originals. Without presenting the originals we would not be registered and get approval as  Corps  Members. Even the National Identity card was requested for, they asked for the one that has a green label then they later collected the photocopies for documentation.

Can you tell us how the incident happened briefly on that day?

I was at my primary place of assignment (PPA), at the Blue Fortune Nigeria, a construction company to collect my final clearance for passing out when I received  a call from a neighbour that our house was in flame and that it has burnt into ashes. I ran down and was not allowed to enter the inferno because they knew I would be devastated. I fainted on getting to the scene when I saw the house  burnt down. Few hours later when I woke up and I was told that I was rushed to the pharmaceutical shop where I was revived and that I fainted seeing that the house was burnt down completely.

(… started crying) All my property got burnt, I have nothing left except the clothes I was putting on. Everything in my room apartment was gutted by fire and turned to ashes and I became homeless with nothing.

I had no uniform to perform my passing out parade last Thursday, I was in mufti, a ‘Corper’ friend borrowed me which I used to pass out and signed to collect my NYSC certificate which is the only certificate and property I have now.

How have you been coping?

It has been terrible, I have no family here but a fellow corper friend, Miss Faith, I cannot pronounce her surname because it is a Delta name who has been accommodating me, we supposed to  be contributing to feed together but I do not have money and she has been doing everything. She even gave me some underwears to change with.  We have both passed out now and she will be leaving any moment from now and I will be left stranded because I do not even have transport money to take me back home to my people at Akwa Ibom state.

How soon do you intend to leave ?

 Since I have nothing here, I am just waiting for what  my PPA will give me so I can beg for some money to add to make up for my transport back to my state.

I managed to buy three gowns, two tops and two trousers from Oja which I am using now

What do you think people can do to help you?

I need help in all aspects. My certificates are paramount to me (crying) and a great challenge now, finance to support to get some clothings, shoes and feeding and Laptop because I wanted to use it in learning some software to add value to my discipline. I need financial assistance to get back on my feet because I am totally flat and need to move on again.

 Have you got any assistance so far?

(Crying) No ma, nothing from anybody except my Corper friend who will soon leave. The economic situation is so bad that I have not got any help from anybody. I plead with well meaning Nigerians and  the State Governor and Her Excellency to please extend their parental care to me. I  trust the wife of the Governor , she is a mother and will know what I am feeling now. I beg her to come to my aid to assist me in which ever area she can.   I will appreciate if she can fix me somewhere for a job so that I can further help my family, I will be very happy and glad.

Can you tell us a little about your family background?

I am the first born in a family of five and the first graduate in  the whole family. My parents are alive, my father is a trader, selling palm oil and my mother is a primary school  teacher which they are doing to keep the family moving.

Have you informed your parents about the incident?

I have informed them and they told me to gather myself together and look for a way to come back home since I have nothing that is keeping me here. I lost everything and they advised me to take heart and be strong.

Aniebiet can be reached through Zenith Bank 2270932641

Phone no: 08104202204


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