Discipline, good for child development

By Bisi Olominu
Discipline is good for a child’s development. Watch the lives of those of the top echelon of their careers they are children of discipline.

The neuro surgeon, Ben Carson was a wayward child, but his mother never relented on him.

In his book “Gifted Hands”, he said that his mother’s prayer and incessant scolding brought him to the right way. Someone who was the last in every examination started performing excellently well and today the man is changing his world .

Considering the importance of discipline in the life of a child, some experts are of the view that parents have to teach their children core values and morals; and bring them up properly rather than pampering them.

Disciplining children is one of the most important, yet difficult responsibilities of parenting, and there are no shortcuts. There have also been controversies surrounding the appropriate way to discipline children, and parents are often confused about effective ways to set limits and instill self-control in their children.

Child discipline, according to Wikipedia is the method used to prevent future behavioural problems in children. Discipline is used by parents to teach their children about expectations, guidelines and principles. Children need to be given regular discipline to be taught right from wrong .

Disciplining children can involve rewards and punishments to teach self-control, increase desirable behaviours and decrease undesirable behaviours. While the purpose of child discipline is to develop and entrench desirable social habits in children, the ultimate goal is to foster sound judgement and morals so the child develops and maintains self-discipline throughout the rest of his/her life.

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However, many parents tend to abuse this by over pampering their children to the extent that they got all they wanted all the time. Some children have been over pampered, today their lives have become worse.  Some girls could not prepare ordinary meal for their husbands, since all they do at home are to look on while the housemaids prepared meals for their parents.

Some parents are even in some homes preparing meals for their grown up children. They feel they have to always be there for their children, protect them irrespective of the situation and give them whatever they desire.

Even the schools the children attend are not much better as their teachers find it difficult to correct them. Today things are so difficult in the country as the core values that could take the country into greatness have been lost. Insurgents, militia are ravaging the country because discipline of those involved right from childhood has been lost.

A person that is disciplined would not rise against his country. A child that is disciplined will not kill his fellow human being for ritual. A child that is disciplined will not rise against his parents.

In an interview with The Hope some experts reasoned that parents have to teach their children the core values and moral; and bring them up properly in the way of the Lord. A teacher, Mrs. Bola Adedigba wonders why parent must prevent their children from going through the pain of discipline.

Hear her, “There are things that parents do that make me wonder if they know the implications. In my teaching career, I have come to realize that children who are well brought up produce better results. What I see these days is training the ‘butty'(aje butter) way which gets me scared of what will happen in the next 10 to15 years! I see eight year old who don’t bother to lay her bed. I see 10 year old served by the maid or ‘caring mum’ on the table and they either don’t pack the table or they just dump the plates in the kitchen for the maid to wash. The core value of discipline has been lost at home as some parents are not even there for their children. They go out early in the morning and come back late at night. They don’t even know their children intimately.

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” Do you know that some parents even come to school to ask why teachers flog their children? That is how debased we are in the country. We are a nation of culture and tradition, but we have lost these, so here we are today as every sector of our society is suffering. We have corruption, this is a result of lack of discipline. Until we change our orientation and apply discipline, we can get forward”.

Speaking on the issue, a Councillor, Mrs. Funmilayo Adeoye lamented that discipline has been lost in many homes, reasons many families are in crises.

“Parents have lost the cane, many have over pampered their children to jail and today regretting their actions. When a child is wrong, cane should not be spared , but be applied to serve as deterrent not to do such again. We are in a mess in the country for not instilling discipline on our children.”

To Mr. Kunle Adejumo, a teacher in Ondo State, he said that any student that will not be disciplined cannot attend his classes.

He added that discipline is a gateway to success and any student that is not discipline cannot make it in life.

“There is no gateway to success in life except through being discipline. People like Pastor Adejare Adeboye, Alele Williams and notable leaders in the world are products of discipline.”

He therefore enjoined parents to discipline their children, so that, their future children can be guaranteed”.

In her words, Mrs Oseni Ramota analysed that discipline was not when you plugged an iron and inflicted injuries on a child for doing wrong. Stressing that was child abuse and should be condemned in its entirety.

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According to her, parents should see to it that their children are disciplined. They should be corrected and when doing something funny should be corrected by applying cane.

“Cane does not kill a child, this too should not be abused. There are some parents beaten their children to coma or beaten them for half and hour just to correct them. Cane should be applied with minimal force and it should be used to correct and not to harden the hearts of the children.”

Discipline, good for child development

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Discipline, good for child development

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