Do young girls refresh older men in marriage?

By Maria Famakinwa


Older men desiring to settle for younger girls as wives has been part of our culture from time immemorial. The trend continues unabatedly, despite the fact that some section of the society frown at such idea.
It is no longer news to see a young girl of 17 getting married to a man older than her father, in as much as the man is financially stable. Different reasons have been adduced to this but the major one is that older men settle for younger girls due to the belief that they are young and can help rejuvenate their sex lives.
The Hope spoke with some married men to get their reactions. A public servant, Mr Leke Oluwatobi, though revealed that he is much older than his wife refused to disclose the age difference. He explained that he married his teenage wife because of her natural endowment.
On whether younger girls refresh older men sexually or not, he said: “It depends on individuals, but I must be frank with you that younger girls understand what real sex is. They are ready to give you as you want it because they are agile. They are flexible in bed and help revive older men’s dying sexual prowess. This cannot be said of older women whose sex interests decline as they advance in age,” he said.
Also, a truck driver with two wives, Mr Sylvester Ugbo, revealed that he married his second wife who was 16 years younger because his first wife was not sexually active as before.
His words: “ I married my second wife, a young girl from my village, because my first wife who gave me three children complained that she was tired of my frequent demand for sex. When I told her of my decision to marry another wife, though reluctant, she said it was better than running after different ladies.
“I can tell you boldly with my experience that younger girls truly refresh older men in marriage. They are ready to go all the way for you, introduce new sexual styles and are more sexually adventurous. Having a younger spouse is like having a higher standard of health and fitness. Men live longer when they marry younger spouses because they are energetic care givers and this helps to improve the man’s health. As a truck driver, the nature of my job demands that I have sex regularly for exercise and my younger wife is not lagging behind in this regard,” he revealed.
Sharing a similar view, a farmer, Mr Saliu Alagbe, described younger girls marriage to older men as a good development. He added that aside giving them due respect, younger girls also serve as tonics needed to revive older men’s libido to perform their conjugal duties with ease.
He said: “One of the reasons why our grandfathers married younger girls during their days was to revive their health and strength. That was the secret behind their longevity and the major reason some wealthy old men now go for teenage girls, irrespective of the age difference. Older men crave for younger girls as wives to refresh energy. Getting married to younger girls helps older men bring back forgotten sexual satisfaction.
“Another reason older men go for younger girls is to get natural sex booster. Today, some older men take different sex enhancing drugs to remain active sexually. Some of them die due to the effects of the drugs while the lucky ones live to nurse health issues resulting from them. This would not have been the case if they had gotten married to younger girls. This is because through the mixture of blood and water, the man looks fresh and vibrant.
Reacting differently, a commercial driver, who did not give his name hinted that the surest way to early death was getting married to younger girls for sexual pleasure. The man who disagreed with the notion that younger girls refresh older men said: “I once had a near death experience but God saved me. Then, I was nursing the idea of getting married to a young lady as the second wife.
“Anytime I travelled out of Ondo State where my family resides, I passed the night with the lady in question. The night I learnt my lesson was the day I reconsidered my plan of getting married to her. The lady almost killed me in bed. It got to a point that I was crying begging her seriously to release me so that I would not die. When she saw that I was not pretending and that I was forcing myself to breath, she ran to get water and poured it on me. She became very scared and started praying. Around 5am the next day, I called my friend with whom I travelled to come and take me to the hospital. It was the treatment received that revived me. Up till now, I never told my wife but I needed not to be warned that younger girls are killer girls”, he said.
A self employed man, who simply gave his name as Karry, also believed that younger girls did not refresh older men in marriage but refreshed themselves. He disclosed that some wealthy old men who married younger girls should be told that no matter how much they try to satisfy them sexually, there would still be a sexual vacuum from their younger wives that can only be filled by younger men.
He said: “ This is the major reason some men die during sex romp with younger girls because their energy can not compete with that of those girls. Some of them took sexual enhancing drugs to prove that they were till sexually active. Unfortunately, that turned out to be their greatest undoing because most of them died in the act. Sex, aside the enjoyment, is a serious exercise that is energy sapping. I think it should be done with one’s age bracket unlike when a 70-year-old man is involved with a 20-year-old lady.
“How will the man cope with the lady’s level of energy while in the act? You hardly hear that a young lady died during sex romp but the old man who engages the lady in the act. Who then is refreshing who? Older men should better remain faithful to their wives to enjoy long life and avoid younger girls whose sex demands are energy consuming and life threatening to their age ,” he advised.

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Do young girls refresh  older men in marriage?

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Do young girls refresh  older men in marriage?

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