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Dog meat enhances man’s libido- Eaters share experiences

Dog meat enhances man’s libido

– Eaters share experiences

By Bisi Olominu
One man’s meat is another man’s poison. While some go for bush meats and can spend fortune to get them on daily basis, some go for the not too costly dog meat to satisfy their taste. A day in the life of a dog eater is a joyous one and when the meat is garnished with the necessary ingredients, the atmosphere is enveloped with merriment and joy.

At a joint, I observed some people all clustered round the dog, watched as the clubber roasted the meat on fire. Customers who relish the meat came intermittently to ask when the meat would be ready. As the dog was being roasted, those who would take the meat with palm wine were at hand to lend helping hands and waited breathlessly savouring the aroma coming out of the dog meat on fire.

It was a sight to behold and the words that came out intermittently were that dog meat with good palm wine are good for the human’s system. One of the customers even said that he could not do without eating dog meat every day, while another one said that curse cannot be of effective in one’s life if one eat dog meat.

As the clubber roasted the dog on fire, more customers came to inquire about the meat, calling on him to make haste as they could not wait to devour the dog meat.

Ola Palm Wine Centre, Ayedun Quarters, Akure was a beauty to behold; it was a centre of attraction to those who love to eat dog meat.

Speaking with The Hope, the seller of the dog meat, Isaac Adedayo said that he makes money from selling dog meat in the area.

According to him, he has been in the business for the past 10 years and when business boom, he can kill more than two dogs in a day and all will be bought by customers.

“Oga, I have been in this business for more than 10 years and I cherish killing dogs. The dogs in this area do not love me, neither do I love them, reason they bark on me whenever I enter any street to buy dogs. It is a lucrative business and the customers are available once they know that you cook the meat well. A dog is between N8,000 to N15,000 depending on the size.

“Once it is 11am, my customers would be trooping in to buy dog meat, reason I search for dogs to kill early in the morning. I dice my dog meat with seasonings and pepper to taste before putting it on fire again to roast. My customers like it like that and after the next two hours, the whole meat has been devoured.

“Dog meat is good. It is not Ondo people that love the meat, many are patronising this joint and inviting others who have interest. The price is from N100 to N200, it is not something that can scare people away. Some people buy N300 to N500 worth of dog meat and wash it down with good palm wine”.

A vulcanizer, Yekini Oni said that dog meat cannot be compared with any other meats, saying it has more nutritional value than others. He added that dog is friendly, clean and the best friend of human beings.

“Dog is a clean animal and it is good for human consumption. I have been eating dog meat for many years and it is good for my system. The price is still affordable unlike bush meats that the prices are above board and many could not afford it. With just N100, you could afford the meat unlike the bush meats that go for N300, N500 and N1,000 at eatery joints.”

To Mr. Sunday Oladele, dog meat is medicinal in nature; it enhances man’s libido.

“ Dog is very strong and you can see it in action while meeting the female ones. A male dog can have sex with more than five or more females in a day. That is the chemistry and when a man takes it on a daily basis, you will enhance your performance with your wife. It is the best meat so far and I take it on daily basis with good palm wine.”

Speaking with Mr. Tosin, a car rewire at a mechanic workshop in Ayedun Quarters, Akure, he disclosed that a doctor recommended dog meat for him to be taken every day.

Tosin who did not disclose his ailment that made a doctor to recommend dog meat for him, said that since he started taking the meat, things have changed for better for him.

His words: “Oga thank God for my doctor who recommended that I should be taking dog meat, the ailment that I have suffered for long time has gone through taking dog meat. It is medicinal, you know when it runs, it never gets tired. The constant tiredness that wasted my time has gone. I am now strong and I want others to take dog meat too”.

But speaking with a medical doctor, Alonge, a consultant at Ondo State Specialist Hospital, Akure, he denied dog meat having a medicinal value to human beings.

The medical doctor while speaking with this write burst into laughter, saying…….I am laughing because there’s no medicinal value in eating dog meat. It is just like other meats”.


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