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Doing things right

By Josephine Oguntoyinbo


Most times, a lot of people mistake movement for progress, they are busy doing something that look like they are making progress, yet they are on the same spot.
However, you will know if you are making progress by achieving your goals one after the other. You will also know if you are on top speed, running and never achieved any goal, that is if you are sensitive.
The most dangerous of it all, is to be on top speed on a wrong path. No one can actually be lost if he knows where he is going to. We all need directions at some point in life because we want to explore new things.
The man who does not need a direction is the one who has gotten to his destination or who have made up his mind that he or she is no longer going anywhere. It is also dangerous to ask for directions from a wrong person.
You must be careful to ask for directions from wrong people because ninety percent of the people in the world are said to be confused by somebody. Therefore it is safer to follow the foot steps of those who have gone ahead of you in the area you want to explore.
Efficiency is doing things right, while effectiveness is doing the right thing.
This applies a lot to early stage entrepreneurs that are eager to move fast (which is great) but focusing their energy efficiently on the wrong direction. Here comes the role of the accelerator and right mentor to assist them to move into the effectiveness or achievement zone.
This point is important, everyone is a genius in his area of gift, if you are feeling like a second class citizen in any place or anything you do, it means that the place is not meant for you or the thing you are involved in is not meant for you.
In other words, no one struggles in his or her right place. For instance, it is natural for any seed to grow under the soil but a seed that is planted on a rock under the soil unknowingly shall struggle to grow.
Hence, it is very important to locate your area of gift before setting out on the journey. The best person to ask of the direction of your life, is your creator.
The reason you should always ask is because, there is already a way that seems right to a man and the end is destruction.
There is always an answer to every question of your heart. Just ask your creator or the right person, though, no one had seen him before, we all see him from his words.
Make the right person your companion and you will see the difference.

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