Dominion women

Devotion   November1, 2018.JPGBy Pastor Mrs Oduma
Text Genesis 1vs 27-28

As a woman, you are created to dominate, and to dominate, you must be


2)subdue the earth,


4)replenish the earth.

How to be fruitful

       The Bible says in the book of 3rd John chapter 1 verse 2 that I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health even as thy soul prospereth.

You can be fruitful physically, spiritually, materially and financially and in every area of your life.

How can you multiply

God is a God of multiplication, so as his daughter you must increase in every aspect.

How to replenish the earth

There should not be emptiness in your life. People around you must see Christ in your life by preaching the gospel verbally and through your life style.

B)You must be whereever you suppose to be at a particular time, don’t attend only Sunday service but participate also in the weekly activities.

  1. C) Always read the word of God.

Qualities of a Dominion woman.

You must be born again Romans chapter 8 verse 14.

Be spirit filled,

be humble, 1peter chapter 5 verse 6.

Be humble to your leaders and to everybody.

Be prayerful, Luke chapter 18 verse 1.Devil is a thief he has come to steal joy from homes, but if you are prayerful, Satan will not be able to come near you. Prayer averts a lot of problems.

To subdue, you must be submissive to your husband  Ephesians chapter 5 verse 22, days no matter your position or how influential you are, even if your husband did not have anything, you must be submissive to him.

    Don’t take side with your children when your husband is chastising them. Be united with your husband to correct and to train your children. As a Dominion woman, support and cooperate with your husband.

Fear and obey God in all thing Malachi chapter 3 verse 10, to prosper you must pay your tithes and fear God. Your tithe is not unto anybody but unto God, don’t look at the life of your pastor, do yourself good by paying your tithe. If you need the blessing of God, pay your tithe. Be supportive to the work of God .  Give offering. You must live a holy life 1 Pet 1 verse 15-16. Do not love the things of the world because the Bible says, all things in this world shall melt away.

 To dominate, you must not fornicate, Isaiah 58:1-2 says without holiness God cannot answer your prayer. To dominate, such woman must be vigilant and be watchful over your children so that they will be good 1 Peter 5: 7-8.

Dominion women

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