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Don’t allow Muslim-Muslim ticket
cause disintegration, group urges

Jubril Bada

The Coordinator of Yoruba Ronu Group (YRG),Prince Diran lyantan has advised religious bodies calling for Muslim-Christian ticket not to allow it cause  disintegration.

Iyantan gave the advice during telephone interview with The Hope yesterday.

He noted that religion is a sensitive issue and  should not be allowed to cause  disintegration in the country.

Iyantan explained that the group with aims and objectives in sustaining the unity of the race and to produce presidential candidate in the next year elections, said that Yoruba doesn’t have serious issue with religion as there was no discrimination in the South West.

Strategically, he maintained that the Muslim-Muslim ticket will be better and work for the All Progressives Congress (APC) to produce the next president in the country.

The Coordinator, who said that politics is a game of number, stressed that a Christian as Vice Presidential candidate with charisma, followership and influence over larger part of northerners would be very difficult to produce.

“There is husband that is Muslim and wife as a Christian without rancour. We should look at it from this perspective.

“The issue of using religion in determining the running mate may not be a fundamental issue to us.

“What is fundamental to us is to produce president and we have a winning strategy to make Asiwaju Bola Tinubu to become president through legitimacy in free and fair election.

“There is no issue with Muslim -Muslim ticket because wives of governors in Nigeria are stronger than deputy governors.

“Since wife of Asiwaju Bola Tinubu is a strong pastor in the Redeem Christian Church of God this will overshadow Muslim-Muslim ticket”


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