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Dress with sense

By Josephine Ogunoyinbo


There is no crime in trying to be fashionable but it should not be at the expense of your comfort. In fact, being comfortable in your outfit is part of fashion. Once you wear anything simply because you want to impress, you will be doing yourself much harm.

It is good to flow with the tide and use what is in vogue but it will be a fashion blunder if you do not consider the suitability of those items on your body before acquiring them.

Wearing a short skirt will make a lady look cute and smart . However, it is not every kind of lady that can wear short skirt, some lady have scary scars on their legs . worse still, some have curvy or K- legs.

If you find yourself having this kind of legs and you wear a short skirt, you will not only embarrass yourself, you will embarrass womanhood. None-the- less, if you have intimidatingly straight and spotless legs, then short skirts are meant for you .like one of my friends would say, if you’ve got it flaunt it.

To be fashionable, a woman must have a good dress sense. Fashionistas knows that colours are not arbitrarily combined. It will be awkward to combine green and purple for instance.

However, if your purple dress has patches of green, there will be no crime in using green accessories with the kind of cloth.

Wearing high heel shoes makes a woman look classy .A lady’s wardrobe is not complete without some pairs of these items .However, it should be worn with care.

Medically, it is not healthy to wear heel shoes all the time. It could have devastating effects on the knees. The best way to enjoy the heel shoe is when you are mobile or when the kind of job you do does not involve a lot of moving up and down, it could be very difficult walking about for several hours with high heel shoes.

Nobody is an island. So, if there is any fashionable person around, you can learn one or two fashion tips from her. But this should not be blindly. It is important to consider the body size and structure of your model before adopting her styles. No two persons are exactly the same. Caution is the word. If you must adopt a person’s style, it must be such that will suit you.

Remember, fashion and comfort should have a symbiotic relationship.

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