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‘Drug addiction among women alarming’

By Olaoluwa Abuloye & Oluwaseun Olanipekun

Many Nigerian women, including ladies are entrapped in drug and substance abuse, The Hope investigation has revealed.

Cannabis (Marijuana), alcohol, tramadol, Molly (MDMA), ice and tutolin are among the most commonly abused substances by women .

Several factors were said to be  contributing  to this troubling trend among which are; social pressures, peer influence, the pursuit of temporary euphoria, trauma, emotional distress, low self-esteem, and adverse environments.

In separate interviews with The Hope, some addicts shared their personal experiences.

Miss Paulina, for instance, has battled addiction for over six years,  influenced by a friend’s behavior.

She described how smoking provided a sense of ecstasy, improved sleep, and temporarily lifted her mood. Despite attempts to quit, she said struggled with cognitive impairment and poor appetite when on drugs.

Miss Mayowa echoed similar sentiments, citing the mood-enhancing effects of drugs and its role in managing depression. Despite awareness of the risks, she said she found solace and relief in substance use.

Miss Tosin recounted her initiation into drug  during her college days she said she was driven by low self-esteem and some traumatic experiences. Despite recognizing the potential consequences, she noted that she found herself dependent on drugs for emotional relief.

Another woman, who stopped using drugs at 40, (name withheld) reflected on her tumultuous journey, which she said included engaging in prostitution to support her addiction. She attributed her survival to divine intervention and the support of her family and children’s father.

Proferring solutions, a pharmacist and drug use educator, Ofiyesinka Ebikeeyen, emphasised the need for proper sensitization  ion of the public on drugs and their effects.

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He said criminalising drug abuse and incarcerating the abusers cannot stop the  trend.

“No matter how our government arrests people with drugs, that won’t stop them from talking about it. But by providing maximum suppor, paying attention to people who use  us, establishing the consequences, and setting a good example, I think this will reduce the pressure ,” he explained.

‘Drug addiction among women alarming’

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‘Drug addiction among women alarming’

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