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DSS’ Raid on Igboho’s House

THE reactions that trailed the ‘midnight’ raid of the Soka-Ibadan house residence of the Yoruba Nation activist, Sunday Adeyemo aka Sunday Igboho, are as diverse as human opinions and emotions could be on any matter. While the DSS attempted a justification of the raid by displaying charms, AK-47 guns and pump-action rifles that were allegedly recovered from Igboho’s house, with the Presidency’s pat on the back for their coordinated onslaughts against the enemies of the State, including Nnamdi Kanu, the DSS has also been severely and scathingly condemned for its invasion of the private residence of a private citizen in the wee hours of the day.
THE raid was said to have led to the brutal killing of two of Igboho’s adherents (particularly the one popularly called Adogan and one other person), destruction of Igboho’s property and arrest of some individuals, who are presently in custody.
THE emotional attachment and support received by Igboho stemmed from his boisterous identification with the people of Igangan who were hounded by killer herdsmen and kidnapers, with governments and conventional security agencies doing little or nothing to mitigate the atrocious attacks against the people.
IGBOHO’S escalation of his activities to the liberation of his people and sustained rallies for a Yoruba State predictably put him on the highway of confrontation with state actors, with the Federal Government classifying and profiling him and his supporters along with Nnamdi Kanu, the self-styled leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB). Worse still, Igboho is presenting himself as a separatist leader who has threatened that there won’t be election in the South West in 2023. There are also allegations that he was being sponsored by some powerful people outside the country.
HOWEVER, as Igboho’s escape from arrest remains inexplicable because of the metaphysical reading partly given to it, he has filed a suit to challenge the invasion, and called for the release of his supporters, while denying ownership of the arms allegedly recovered from his house.
AS these controversies rage on, The Hope is of the opinion, as canvassed by the Southern Governors’ Forum in the communiqués released after their recent Lagos meeting, that the clamp down on Kanu and Igboho portends selective administration of justice, and a sectional attack, going by the way the Federal Government has handled the activities of bandits, killer and ravenous herders and Boko Haram, who are having a field day, particularly going by Lai Mohammed’s confession that government has a knowledge of where bandits are.
THIS is more so as the PMB-led government has been accused of pampering killer herders and kidnappers because of ethnic affiliations.
We believe it is within the right of the Federal Government to invite Igboho, or any other citizen for that matter, for questioning within the ambit of the law, but did not do that before the premeditated attack on the private residence of Igboho. One would also wonder if the DSS obtained a warrant to search Igboho’s house at the odd hour it invaded the house, as required in constitutional democracy, which if not done would render the action of the DSS as an attack, as against a mere visitation.
THAT the DSS was silent on the legally approved procurement of warrant for such an operation was similarly curious.
THE HOPE felt it was disdainful for the DSS and the Federal Government not to show any remorse when reporting the outcome of the unfortunate action to the effect that they killed two people during the operation, because the DSS claimed they put up some resistance. It is arguable that occupants of the house would have resisted the invasion of Igboho’s house, given the fact that he is politically exposed, and has been in the eye of the storm because of his belligerent posturing against criminals.
THIS is more so as the Soka residence of Igboho was attacked a couple of times in the past. It could be argued that the DSS would not have owned up if Igboho had been killed in the clandestine operation, making it one of the unresolved cases of murders in the country. The DSS invasion of Igboho’s house and the attendant tales of woes are suspicious and condemnable, to say the least.
THE HOPE would like to sound a note of caution. The Federal Government must note that it is putting too many irons in the fire at once. If the myth of Boko Haram evolution and rage is anything to go by, attacking Igboho’s residence and the arrest of Kanu could lead to resistance, more tensions and underground onslaughts rather than douse acrimonious propensities.
IT should be noted that nobody is suggesting that the Federal Government should not prevent insurrection, and nip criminal activities in the bud, but the manners of engagement should align with democratic tenets, devoid of extra judicial rascality and State repression. Painfully enough, those who attacked Igangan, maimed and killed the people have not been arrested till date.
WE are of the view that if the Federal Government had deployed the same energy and skill used to arrest Kanu and invade Igboho’s house against bandits and Boko Haram, insecurity in Nigeria would have been successfully tamed.
While condemning any form of criminality and ethnic profiling of a group of people, it is our opinion that Igboho’s response to attacks in Igangan was an indication of failure of governments at all levels to protect their citizens.

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