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Eat egg for balanced diet, expert advises

By Fatima Muraina

In a bid to get the required balanced diet- for the body amidst the economic situation of the country, an expert in poultry production, Mr Joseph Aladesuyi has advised Nigerians to eat egg which he described as the cheapest food that has the required balanced diet.
Aladesuyi who is the General Secretary of Poultry Association of Nigeria (PAN), gave the advice while speaking with The Hope in Akure to mark this years World Egg Day celebration.
He said the celebration was low key in Akure, the Ondo State capital due to the challenges of COVID-19 and particularly the just concluded Governorship election conducted during the weekend when it was expected to be celebrated.
The expert who noted that a dose of egg remains cheapest compared to other sources of food, expressed that egg provides the best protein source that could be got from other classes of food.
People, he observed have misconception on egg consumption, believing that there are a lot of what he described as High Density Protein (HDP) cholesterol but that the cholesterol in egg is healthy one which could be consumed not minding the age.
His words: “Cholesterol in egg is called healthy cholesterol which cannot be of any harm to human. Egg is the most complete balanced diet you can find in the world apart from the Cholesterol in our mother’s milk for the child that contains higher percentage of protein in milk.

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