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Echoes of Discordant Tunes across Nigeria

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TUNES and echoes signify life, movement, activities, consciousness, may be hope. But when tunes are discordant they may input disagreement which may be resolved, ignored may develop greater intensity to generate conflict and crisis, which potentially carry possibilities not only of resolution, but, as history has repeatedly demonstrated, birthing development, civilization through innovation. Recalcitrance, obstinacy and impunity have beclouded the reasoning of many in political leadership positions making them ignorantly trade away great opportunities to strengthen trust and mandate, helplessly watching the state disintegrate.
The Hope happily believes that Nigeria would not number among those who missed such a golden opportunity. It is from the realities of disapproval of the nationalities in respect of who brews what, who gets what, when and how? Isaac Boro, later Saro Wiwa and his team protested inequitable distribution of resources, resisted degradation of their environment. The Nigerian state rose violently against them and liquidated them, but could not eliminate the problems they identified which continue to call for solution.
CULTURAL diversity, extensive territory, differing tribes and tongues, exclusive histories and variegated economies would ordinarily have been converted to a nation-state where prosperity is native. Scholars of federalism have repeatedly reminded those who care to listen that a large population, with different cultures, religions, customs and aspirations should adopt a federal system of government. The nationalists and colonial masters after exhaustive reviews and considerations of the nature and circumstances of Nigeria resolved to bequeath upon her a constitutional framework that permitted her to pursue a national destiny hinged on collaborative efforts and contributions of constituent units deriving energy from geographical, economic and cultural diversities.
OVER 50 years going, federalism has been expunged from that constitution, unitary system, a misnomer has been adopted as substitute. The echoes have been resounding, and louder, and those in leadership positions have refused to blink. Is it any wonder that while there is a mass protest to end SARS in different parts of Nigeria, an armed group of protesters in the well fortified Federal Capital Territory could penetrate the military and security forces to attack ENDSARS# protesters and inflict bodily harm, and vandalisation on their property? It is to the misfortune of the nation that in spite of great valuable endowments in natural and human materials that the expiring petroleum reserves remain massively but shamelessly dominated by a group united in religion and geographical location whereas opportunities in abundance in their own region remain untapped and the economy continues to be pummeled not only by the pandemic, recession but rather by incompetence, obstinacy and recalcitrance.
The Hope newspaper appeals to the Nigerian political leadership to realize that the mountain of agitations for restructuring, devolution of powers and fiscal federation shall not be removed. Rather, good judgement, adoption of popular opinion and reversal of impracticable policies could not only calm the frayed nerves but also revive the spirit of innovation the economy desperately needs at these trying times. The political leadership at the center should be reminded that all large countries the world over have federal structures through which they have attained development. The several constitutional conferences organized by Nigeria so far have returned a preference for true federalism.
WE therefore appeal to the Federal Government to look into the archives and dig out the various proposals to produce a federal constitutional framework, that we are persuaded would culminate in the desired atmosphere of peace that would facilitate authentic policy making.
THERE is no column or sector of the Nigerian political system that is averse to development through good governance. Discordant tunes emanate from myopic and selfish sectionalism from which oozes echoes of disunity which must be calmed before they reach the decibel of dismemberment.
WE hereby canvass for immediate attention directed at positive reconciliation.

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