‘Education crucial to accomplishing goals’

‘Education crucial to accomplishing goals’

  By Josephine Oguntoyinbo
Students have been charged to embrace education so as to accomplish their God-given potentials in life.

An Akure based educationist ,Mrs Remi Kolawole stated this in a chat with The Hope.

The Vice Principal stressed the need for students to pay more attention to their studies by making hardwork and diligence their watchwords in order to accomplish their goals .

“Knowledge is power, it is the most powerful tool in the world, because the more you know, the better you get along with the world.

“Unless one has a decent education, the chances of securing jobs will be remote  and one may struggle for the rest of one’s life trying to make ends meet.

“You do not have to be rich to survive, but you surely need education to stay ahead of the taskmen, hunger, and ending up on the street “, she emphasised.

She maintained that education is important ,noting that with every turn of it, we learn something interesting.

To this end, she urged students to spend less time on internet, video games and movies if they are to soar higher.

Her words:”You can help others by what you know and also learn from them.It keeps your mind active as you grow, unless  the mind is kept active, there might be a poor quality of life.

“Some people who have never had access to quality education can be as wise as those who have good education because ,they have learnt much from life the hard way therefore, education is wisdom and the closing of one’s mind to learning is the first manifestation of ignorance .

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According to her, youths should understand that the consequences of drop outs is to attend the hard schools of knock which is the most difficult experience in life.

The VP opined that formal education together with hardwork from the students can produce qualifications and credentials that are essential for most type of better paying jobs.

She posited that no matter the height of one’s hurdles, students should scale it and be educated in order to secure a better tomorrow.

‘Education crucial to accomplishing goals’

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‘Education crucial to accomplishing goals’

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