Education, key to skills acquisition– Mrs Akinola

Nigeria produces millions of graduates every year and as a result of that, it becomes more difficult for them to get white collar jobs.

So, many people, most especially illiterates believe that going to school is a scam and that it has no relevance, believing that acquire skills without wasting time and money on western education is the best. But to an educated entrepreneur, education has relevance in any skill one wishes to acquire.

In this interview, Mrs Akinola Mojisayo Iyabo, talked about how education has helped her in her chosen career.

it’s nice having you here madam
thank you for having me

Q: can we meet you?

A: I am Mrs Akinola Mojisayo Iyabo, an entrepreneur in cloth making popularly known as fashion designer or tailor (laugh).

Q: What is the name of your fashion outfit?

A; Equity Fashion Home, and I established in 2017.

Q:: Did you go to school?

A: Yes, I studied at Adeyemi College of Education, Ondo, Ondo State.

Q: This fashion work did you learn it or you inherit from your parents?

A: I learnt it after I realized that the passion for the job has increased, though I have loved the job when I was young, as I grew up I discovered that the love is more than what it used to be so I told my husband that I need to take action, then he gave me support when he discovered that I was really serious with it. He gave me necessary support, and that was 2015. I learnt it within the space of one year because of the interest I have in it. That interest is one of the crucial considerations for any thing we want to do.

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Q: While learning this job, what was the relationship between you and your boss?

A: It was a cordial one, I did everything possible to be a better learner under her, and as a result she loved me and still does. She takes me as her own sister till date.

Thank you Mrs Akinola
it’s my pleasure

Q: Now, what is your view on the school of thought that says formal education is a scam?

A: (Laugh)… anybody who believes in that simply means an illiterate. The way our forefathers operated then was quite different from what is in vouge now. It’s a pity that some people are still living in the past. We are in technology era, so we need to move as the world moves. Back to that question, my view is that the school of thought is wrong, today, anything we do without formal education cannot make any headway. In the foreign countries, learning a skill is done in a formal way, you will learn it theoretically and practically, that is why you see them doing better than we do. So, now that we know the importance of formal education to the skills we acquire, we can compete favourably with western world, so anybody who still believes that having formal education is a waste of time and resources should be enlightened, because such person is in shackles.

Q: As an entrepreneur that has formal education, how has it helped you in your chosen career?

A: A lot. In fact within the period I started my own business, I was able to research and it made my work so easy, within a year of my graduation, though it was tough at the beginning, I was able to overcome the challenges when I started using the knowledge I acquired through the formal education and the skill I learnt. Also, I can easily communicate with my clients through English for those who are not from my tribe, and that increased my clients. After a year, I became known because my clients began to introduce me to their friends and family even to people outside the shore of Africa. Today, I can boldly say I am achieving my goals and in the next few years, I will be able to count my achievements in the fashion industry.

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Q: Your advice?

A: My advice is simple, if you want to acquire any skill, try and have formal education. This will make you standout. If you are already learning a skill without formal education, trust me, you can still do, so that you won’t remain on a spot.

Interviewer: Thank you for your time, madam.

Interviewee: Thank you for the opportunity given to me to enlighten people.

Education, key to skills acquisition– Mrs Akinola

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Education, key to skills acquisition– Mrs Akinola

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