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Educationist condemns recruitment of non professional

BY Kehinde Oluwatayo


An educationist, Dr Mrs Nike Oyinloye has condemned the act of recruiting people without prerequisite training into teaching profession saying it would destroy the system.
It has been observed that most people teaching in the primary schools across the country do not have the required skills to teach which seems to be prevalent in private primary and secondary schools.
Oyinloye who is the Director, Counseling and Human Development Centre, Adeyemi College of Education, Ondo while speaking with The Hope in an interview stressed that people who are not trained cannot impact anything to the pupils.
According to her, whoever will teach in any school or institution must have prerequisite training to be able to teach effectively.
Oyinloye noted that a trained teacher has gone through methodology in teaching adding that those who specialise in early childhood care and education are the professional who should handle them.
“The curriculum has now been designed in such a way that we have teachers to teach at the basic level of education. Some have been prepared at the secondary school level and so on.
” To have broken down teaching components to take care of those different aspects, it means we should allow those who have been so trained to handle pupils and students at that level. That is what can assist us.
“So to allow people without prerequisite knowledge to teach these pupils and students is an aberration,” she said.
“Our government is not serious with most of their policies. When they came up with teachers registration council, we that were trained teachers were happy but nothing has come out of it.
Oyinloye who did not agree that there are no enough graduates to be employed for that purpose noted that there are professional teachers even to PHD level who do not have a job.
“I want to tell you that a lot of students that we are preparing in my own place, in the school of early childhood care and primary education in Adeyemi, majority of them are out there and they are not employed.
“A lot of people who would have loved to take up education as a profession did not because of lack of incentives and because teachers are not treated well.

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