Educationists welcome Computer Science unbundling

By Roseline Okakah


Educationists have applauded the National Board of Technical Education for unbundling Computer Science course for Higher National Diploma (HND).

NBTE had  announced the unbundling of Computer Science for HND to four different courses, which are Artificial Intelligence, Networking and Cloud Computing, Software and Web Development, Cyber Security and Data Protection.

The Board directed that polytechnics should not admit students for HND in Computer Science henceforth.

Reacting to the development, The Head of Department, Software Engineering, FUTA, Professor Gabriel Iwasokun said that the unbundling is not a surprise but a welcomed and necessary evolution.

According to him, the shift by NBTE to create distinct courses in artificial intelligence, networking and cloud computing, software and web development, cyber security, and data protection at the HND level is a positive move.

“The reason for that action by NBTE is because they want to follow the emerging trend because it is now a global trend and there is need to promote dedicated learning outcome” Gabriel said.

Gabriel said this will position graduates for more effective national and self-development, fostering professionalism and advancement in these fields.

While advising prospective students, he urged them to choose a course that aligns with their passion and invest efforts in becoming experts in their chosen field.

Also, the Head of Department, Computer Engineering, FUTA, Professor Erastus Ogunti provided insights into the rationale behind the unbundling, emphasizing the need for specialization due to the expanding content and limited time for each course.

“The content that we have now that students have to learn, the time allocated for each of these courses are becoming too inadequate”.

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“Unbundling the course now, each of those areas have become area of specialization on its own so you can now look for courses that are relevant and you can produce experts from those areas” Erastus stressed.

The don highlighted the goal of producing experts in specific areas and commended NBTE for addressing the challenges posed by the rapidly evolving technological landscape.

He encouraged prospective students to consider their passions, stressing the significance of technology in the current global market.

He urged students to reflect on their aspirations within each specialized course, as the world continues its shift towards a technologically-driven future.

Educationists welcome Computer Science unbundling

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Educationists welcome Computer Science unbundling

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