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EFCC’S Crackdown On Yahoo Boys

ONE negative but degrading development bothering many Nigerians in recent times is the emergence of ‘yahoo  yahoo’ boys syndrome and its very recent version of ‘yahoo plus’ into the country’s national space. Until recently, the  Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) appeared helpless and lukewarm in tackling the cankerworm that is giving our nation  a bad name among the comity of nations. It is also destroying the high moral values of hard work which  the African society including Nigeria is noted for. It is on this note that The Hope  identifies with  current efforts of EFCC on the destructive activities of the dangerous yahoo boys.

THE current bold efforts and actions of the EFCC to stem the rising tide of the menace and its associated criminal activity is very welcome and highly commendable. It is the right actions to take and the right path to tread to instill sanity into the Nigerian society that is becoming increasingly bastardised by activities of criminal elements. In a number of sting operations around the country, several suspected internet fraudsters were arrested and paraded by the organization. They include: 10 suspected internet fraudsters on May 29, 2021 in Akure; 140 in Ikorodu, Lagos in June, 2022; five  in Port Harcourt; a corps member and 18 others in Kogi; 22  Lagos, 34 in Ibadan, 41  in Akure and 39 in Ibadan recently among others. In all these operations expensive cars, laptops and other gadgets were recovered from the suspects  

THE  yahoo boys term is used to describe young individuals who are in the habit of  exploiting money fraudulently from unsuspecting individuals and investors through phony internet deals both at home and abroad. They include people that obtain money from other nefarious activities and heinous crimes. In a nutshell, yahoo boys are people that largely perpetrate their fraud using the internet on innocent victims. A new dimension has been added to the trade in the  yahoo plus .These sets of people executed their nefarious operations by diabolic or fetish means. They hypnotize their victims in order to get what they want from them. The fact remains that we now have emerging youths displaying wealth without visible means of livelihood and thus constituting nuisance all over the country.

THE  concern with yahoo boys’ nefarious activities stem from the fact that their activities do not make for creative production of good and services that support life. Yet because of fraudulent acquisition of resources, they consume without producing. They do not only consume more but essentially consume some of the best as demonstrated recently by Hushppupi and his cohorts. They  discourage hard work, destroy bequeathed high African moral values. Besides displaying morbid opulence, they cause a lot of havoc to the society. Often they drive recklessly resulting in accidents with attendant loss of lives  and avoidable injuries on their victims. 

THE  time to put a stop to this menace to secure the future of the country is now and EFCC has risen to the challenge. Therefore, all well-meaning Nigerians should encourage and  support the bold and courage step of EFCC to rid Nigeria of this debilitating menace. Other security agencies such as the police and Civil Defence Corps should join in this noble and desirable action. This will remove the general assertion that some security agents are support of  the yahoo yahoo evil.

Governments at all levels should endeavour to improve the lives and welfare of the citizenry there is the need to create employment opportunities for the teeming youths and social support services to assist and discourage them from engaging  into such  crimes This is because increase in the various vices in the country has been traced to problems of unemployment,  lack of access to basic facilities and services such as education and insecurity as well as widespread poverty in the country.

WHAT  makes their activities flourish is the seeming acceptance of what they do by the larger society. The society especially parents must reject and see them as outcasts  in order to dissuade children from joining yahoo business. Financial institutions should comply with the financial regulation law of the Central Bank of Nigeria, CBN by reporting lodgment of money from questionable sources and those above  N5 million.

WE encourage the EFCC  to be circumspect in their   quest to rid the Nigerian society of the criminal tendencies of yahoo. They should  be diligent in their operations so that innocent and hardworking youths are not lumped with the criminals. It is those that are actually engaged in this criminal enterprise that should be arrested and agents of the outfit should not turn the commendable strides into money making exercise to enrich themselves as was the case with some specialized agencies in the past. They should not relent on their efforts until the society is free from the criminal activities of yahoo boys and other dangerous groups.


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