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Ekiti establishes ‘Knowledge City’ to boost economy

Ekiti State government has concluded plans to set up a knowledge city as a hallmark and a way of showcasing the intellectual trade mark of the people.

The State Governor, Dr Kayode Fayemi who made this known at the weekend during his visit to the site of the proposed knowledge city along Ijan Ekiti road, Ado Ekiti said all efforts are geared towards building a knowledge-based economy.

He said this new approach will recognise the need for a broader range of skills which will direct government policy towards intervention in the labour market through other institutions through which these skills might be formed.

Fayemi also stated that the purpose of the knowledge economy was to evaluate the quality, adaptation and use of knowledge in an economy, with the aim of creating effective knowledge economies capable of competing in the global economy.

His words, “The truth is that we are knowledge base, that is why I went to the knowledge city that we are planning because there is nothing else we are known for in Nigeria than being the intellectual capital of this country.

We have lost our edge because we haven’t paid adequate attention to that side of our work. It is great we have private institution near where  we are planning the knowledge city, we also have a proposed airport in that area so as to have a dedicated place where intellectual capital is the only trade and those who indulge in that can come there and set up.

“Innovation city, that is the idea behind our knowledge city where knowledge is the economy, because we are fast moving away from a resource based economy, all will finish in one day, the only thing to sell would be our intellectual power and Ekiti should be the leader there, we should not just be joiners, to set the pace, that is the vision behind knowledge city.”

Governor Fayemi, who also visited the new High Court building in Ado Ekiti, promised to effect necessary corrections on the few structural defects noticed in the building.

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