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Electricity tariff: Customers groan over proposed hike

Electricity tariff: Customers groan over proposed hike

By Pelumi Adeniyi & Yosimi Ogunleye
Customers of the BEDC in Ondo state have called on the Federal Government to stop  the electricity service providers  on the proposed  increase in the electricity tariff.

This, they argued might lead to chaos which may jeopadise  peace in the country.

Reacting on the development in separate interviews with The Hope, they said the epileptic nature of electricity supply should be addressed  first before any hike.

A Shoe maker, Mr Seyi Olulana urged government to consider the small scale industrialists whose sources of living is on  electricity to boost their production.

He said the country does not need an increase in tariff but that they should work on the non availability of electricity and crazy bills.

A tailor, Mrs Damilola Ojo stated that increasing the  tariff was uncalled for because people do not enjoy the electricity they paid for now.

She said the increment will not be favourable to business people calling on government to stop the electricity providers.

A resident of Shagari village, who simply gave his name as Bankole noted that such an increment would  drastically affect entrepreneurs.

A frozen food seller, Mrs Adeyemi does not see any meaningful reason for the hike electricity tariff stressing that why increasing tariff, without enjoying the light

She decried that her business has down done the drain due to insufficient electricity to freeze her goods.

One Akosile noted that tariff increment may be beneficial in terms of helping to increase the electricity generation.

This he said could be possible if people endeavour to pay for what is needed as the present electricity  generation  is not enough to go round the people.

He however said that the country is not yet ripe for increase in tariff despite the fact that the rate of it’s usage is far below the supply considering the household items operational in an individual homes.

A plumber, Mr Anthony who is over 70 years of age observed that he had never experienced the present electricity situation in the country.

“I have work now but no light to complete it. Increasing tariff will not help us in this country, “ he noted.

A market woman, Mrs Adeola described the electricity situation in Nigeria as a very critical one calling on government not to approve the proposed hike in  electricity but to help ameliorate the situation to ensure adequate provision of the service to the people.

Owena Press Limited (Publisher of The Hope Newspaper), Akure

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