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Exceeding and Eternal  Glory

Exodus 23 :14 –19, and 11 Corinthian 4 : 14 – 18

There are three feasts to be brought to the Lord every year. Which are:

(1) The Passover feast —This was the feast the Israelite offered unto God after he delivered them from Egypt Exodus 23 : 14.

(2) The second feast is the harvest commanded by the Lord and it is established for three reasons.

(1a) Harvest on earth : This is when we bring the tenth part of our agricultural produced to the Lord as we are doing today. You may not be a farmer, but I want to tell you that where ever you are working, that is your farm and therefore you must bring the tenth part Deuteronomy 14: 22, ,But the Lord said in Deuteronomy 14: 24 —25 that if where you farm is far, turn the tenth part to money and bring it to buy something.

(1b) The second  is the one that will happen in heaven when we shall all be harvested, as we harvest crops here on earth so we shall all be harvested by God in heaven at the end of our lives. The second reason is to rejoice in the Lord.

Deuteronomy 14 :26b.

The third reason is to feed the Levites, the strangers, the fatherless and the widow. You must feed them and let them be satisfied, it is then that God will bless you. The greedy ones can not receive blessings from the Lord. If you think all you have is for you alone, you are greedy and God can not bless you. Deuteronomy 14: 29.

(3) Harvest of farm things –This is when we come together at Ajase IPO from there to Imeko, the major reason for gathering at Imeko is to meet with the Lord and not to buy anointing oil, water or any things.

Also, in the new testament from 2 Corinthian 4:14 –18, Paul experienced hard times but he was not tired, weary, because of the glory ahead. Paul and his colleagues counted the afflictions all joy vs 16. therefore, if you are passing through one problem or afflictions do not loose hope nor be weary because it is for an appointed time.

Keep your faith alive, everlasting glory is set for those people that stand the test of time 2 Corinthian : 17–18.

Remember that the last harvest is coming when you and I shall be harvested but those that can not endure shall not be harvested.

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