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Excessive intake of energy drinks dangerous – Experts

By Trust Akharaiyi

Medical experts have warned against excessive intake of energy drinks and mixing of energy drinks with alcohol.

Dr. Chika Ekwuabu, in an interview with The Hope, disclosed that excessive intake of energy drinks was hazardous to the human system, and mixing alcohol with energy drinks would double the health hazards associated with excessive consumption of energy drinks and alcohol.

She stated that, “Excessive intake of energy drinks can increase one’s heart beat, constricts the vessel and can also be a predisposing factory for certain disease and health conditions such as heart failure.

“Also the sugar content can expose one to diabetes and cancer. Generally for health purposes, it’s not advisable to take energy drinks in excess.

“As regarding the issue of mixing alcohol with energy drinks, it just doubles the effects of the energy drink, because alcohol also have similar effects as energy drinks, it causes the vessel to be contaminated and mixing both would be potentiating the effect of the other. It is not advisable at all.”

Also, another medical practitioner stated that, there were various side effects of constant consumption of energy drinks.

“It does not matter if the consumers take it often or less some of these drinks take effects quickly while others take time to have effects on the consumers.

“Some of the side effects that are associated with the constant intake of energy drinks include reduced steadiness of the hands, disruption in sleep patterns as well as  increased risk-taking behavior.

“As for those that go as far as mixing energy drinks with alcohol, the idea is not advisable because practicing the act constantly can be dangerous to the health.” He said.

However, some people who spoke regarding this issue stated that the reason people mixed energy drinks with alcohol was to give it a better taste and reduce the effects of the alcohol in their system.

They also added that their reason for excessive intake of energy drinks was to feel more energetic and have strength to go about their daily activities.

One of the people who spoke as regarding this matter, Oluwakorede Koker stated that “the reason most people add energy drinks to alcohol was to dilute the alcohol and reduce the level of toxicity.

“Also, one other reason people mix energy drinks with alcohol is to give the alcohol a nice taste in order to reduce the harsh taste of the alcohol.”

Also, another testifier Mr. Adeola Emmanuel, stated that’s one of the reasons why people added energy drinks was to make them not too intoxicated with alcohol.

Also, he added the major reasons people consumed energy drinks in excess was to feel strong, energetic and alert in order for them to go about their daily activities.


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