Expectations of people during election

By Afe Folasade
Election is the process of voting to choose someone to be a political leader or representative in government.

In democracy, the right to vote is the major way citizens can use to influence decisions about how their country or state is governed. Citizens have the opportunity to elect when the government decides to hold an election.

To win an election, politicians have to persuade people to support them. Each political party needs to identify its policies (plan of action), explaining what they would do if they are elected. Each political party prepares a list of policies the party promise to carry out if they are elected. This is called a platform, citizens make use of secret by balloting boxes are not opened until after the polls(casting of votes) have closed.

Voters have to decide whether they agreed with the promises and whether the politicians can be trusted to keep them if they get into power. 2019 is another election year, there are many things that people are expecting during the election.

According to Mr Solomon Ikuorowopami, it is expected of the I N E C officials to get to the polling units on time with the necessary materials and should not be bias, let there be level playing ground for all the parties.

 Also, there should be adequate security in all the polling  units to protect the peoples right. Aside the conventional security, vigilante and herbalist should be involved. He also said that  INEC officials and Ad -hoc staff together with the security should not collect bribe.

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Party agents should also be cautioned not to move close to the ballot boxes, INEC Chairman should try to protect the glory of this nation and our democracy.

People should remember to vote their conscience by voting for the candidates of their choice. They should not mortgage the future of their children.

Journalists should know that they are the watchdogs of the society, so they should do their work conscientiously.

Mrs Sola Oluwatayo also said that it is expected of every citizen to go out to perform their civic right as this is the power they have to choose the leaders they want.

Stakeholders should do their bid. We should study and know each of the candidates very well before voting time, find out about their programmes.

Be wise when choosing a candidate, citizens should not vote on sentiments just because the person is from our religion or ethnic group, and they should not vote against a candidate just because he or she is not from their religion or ethnic group.

 Let us vote who we think will serve the interest of the people and improve the quality of life of the majority of Nigerians.

Moreover, Mr Idowu Mamood said that it is expected of the INEC officials to ensure that no machine is faulty on the day of election, they should train their staff adequately on the use of the machines, the trained officers should also get to the polling units with their materials on time.

He said the INEC officials should not collect money from any party agents to allow free and fair election .He encouraged everybody to go out enmasse to vote. saying “If you say you are less concerned and therefore, you will not vote, the riff raff will be at the helms of affairs. Go and vote for your choice, don’t vote with sentiment, vote without collecting money.” If you collect #2000 or more than that, you are trading the future of your children.

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He encouraged people to come out that day to vote, saying if we refuse to come out that day, you will not be able to say anything if the person elected is not doing well. Do not be afraid or feel intimidated by supporters of any politician or candidate .We should stay for the counting of the votes and take note of the votes counted and witness the results.

Expectations of people during election

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Expectations of people during election

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