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Expert advises workers on money management

Expert advises workers on money management

By Fatima Muraina
Workers have been urged to live within the limit of their resources and always save for the future in order for them to get something to lean on at retirement.

Business Management Consultant and trainer, Mr Ebi Emara stated this  during a seminar organised by the management  of Owena Press limited, publishers of The Hope titles in Akure, the Ondo State capital.

The consultant tasked workers to be prudent in their spending and not spend on unnecessary things like organising parties and buying of Aso Ebi which do not add value to their income.

Emara noted that people should be able to control money and not be slave to money because whatever happens to money is what you can do with it.

While calling on people to have a mind set of owning a business, he advised them to separate their personal life from the business they do and be ready to make sacrifices.

“You must always have something you keep aside, no matter how small”, heaffirmed

He raised the need of working on a budget so that one does not spend outside his budget but to realize your financial vision.

According to the consultant, people should engage more in business which give regular income rather than periodic one because such periodic income are tied down for months and got depreciated

He said people should focus on assets to take care of their liabilities saying that one should not run ones expenses from what people do but on what is really needed.

“Set a target  for investment plan before money comes and you must document since Money will always find a place to enter”, Emara declared.

Owena Press Limited (Publisher of The Hope Newspaper), Akure

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