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Friday, December 2, 2022

Expert points way out of recession

By Francis Akinnodi


Professionally managing human resources would get Nigeria out of economic recession, as it would cut cost, stem wastage and prevent avoidable disasters.
According to an Economist, Elder Fessy Olabode, “Managing human resources in a decrepit and exploitative way is one of the challenges facing the country.
“If emphasis is placed on service to humanity, with consideration for the human person rather than profit, Nigeria would recover and no subsequent economic recession will have so much impact on the economy.”
He said, “The only way out of this recession is to apply professionalism in all aspects of life and work; Accountants, Engineer, Journalists, Politicians — every professional — should deploy their skills in the right environment.
“All the countries that are huge economically developed the individual, because everyone single person is a resource in a specific area.
“Placing somebody with a particular (professional) skill in the wrong workspace is where Nigeria is lagging behind; no professionalism.
“To get out of this recession, we must cut cost and to cut cost, professionals must work in their areas of expertise. This is where human resources managers come in.
“This will minimise the risk of wastage in terms of time, manpower and finances, and reduce accidents. Otherwise, these will slow down the development and growth of industries, local government, state and the country”, the Akure based economist said.


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