Expert raises alarm over internal organ defects

Expert raises alarm over internal organ defects

By Fatima Muraina
A medical expert, Dr. Nurudeen Bakare has stressed the   need to address the menace of increasing rate of organ failure in the country.

 Bakare of the  Department of Surgery, Urology unit of the Federal Medical Centre (FMC), Owo made the call while delivering a lecture titled: ‘ Organs Transplantation; Medico- Islamic Perspective held at the Akure Muslim Hospital  in Akure,the Ondo State capital.

He  said government should develop a programme to encourage people to donate organs in order to help different organ failures which he said is on the increase presently in the country.

He tasked all organisations on the need to know more about organs transplantation to help the people, particularly the poor, so that they can add value to the development of the country urging  them to channel their resources towards organs transplantation rather than wasteful spending.

He disclosed that over 120,000 people from the United States awaits organ transplantation out of which 100,000 await kidney transplantation.

Organ failures are increasing in Nigeria , only that we do not have a data to quote like that of the advanced countries”, he said.

He however stressed the need for regular check up as a means of prevention saying that people should consult  a medical specialist if they notice any change in their  body.

Alhaji Fadeelatul  Abdul Rouf  who viewed the slamic perspective declared that organ transplantation is not acceptable in Islam saying  God has a purpose for creating every individual with their body organs.

He said:” Islam does not accept Organ donation for transplanting,  but can make use of an animal or non believer”.

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He said God has the power of death and life and has purpose for all what He created and the need for creating those organs.

He explained that a living cannot because he wants to save life put his own life at stake even at the point of death except confirmed death.

He urged Muslim faithful to fear God and make use of the Quran and Hadith as their guidiance irrespective of the Constitution of the country.

Expert raises alarm over internal organ defects

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