Experts charge farmers on alternative feed

By Fatima Muraina


Farmers in Ondo state have been urged to adopt the use of alternative feed to boost production.

Some experts  gave the charge during a training on alternative feed sources in livestock production.

The experts spoke on black soldier flying margot, use of cassava, aquatic plant and grasses as alternative to the conventional feed to life stock.

A maggot farmer, Mrs Kemi Afolabi said black  soldier flyers have 40-60 percent protein, 35 percent fat and six percent calcium to be added to carbohydrate for animal feed production.

She said the black soldier flying maggot is globally acceptable as alternative protein source used by farmers which reduce the cost of feeds.

“In Uganda and Kenya there are companies producing up to 2.5 to 3.5 tonnes everyday which is helping farmers to cut cost especially during scarcity of soya beans.

Speaking on the use of cassava, Mr Adesola Ikugbonmire urged farmers to also embrace the use of cassava and the peels as energy source to replace maize which is very good for broilers and pigs as well as other livestock animals.

In addition, an aquaculturist, Mr Ademola Akinbobade explained the process of making use of water essence, Anzole and wolfer water plants as alternative sources of animal feed.

“All of them grow in water, you can harvest and give directly while some of them undergo processing before giving them to animals . They are wonderful plants,” he said.

Earlier, the Chairman of Ondo state Agricultural Commodities Association, OSACA, Mr Gbenga Obaweya said farmers will come up with suggested formula for different types of livestock feed so that all the participants can go and practice what they have learnt and taught as well as train others for the information to spread effectively.

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He urged farmers to practice and implement what they have learnt as he stated that; “many times we defeat ourselves even before we attempt to do many things.

“So let us make an effort so that we give a feedback which is called research and development.

Experts charge farmers on alternative feed

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