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Experts list strategies to help Nigerians cope

By Adedayo Greatness, Balogun Saidat, 

Opeyemi Rejoice & Sule Rejoice

As the economy continues to face challenges, stakeholders have shared helpful strategies to help people cope in the new year.

They disclosed this in a different interviews with The Hope in Akure.

According to a business consultant, Moses Victor said individuals may face challenges related to economic uncertainties, rising cost of living, and employment concerns. 

“To overcome these, seek advice from financial experts, create a robust budget, explore additional income streams, and focus on personal development that will enhance financial resilience in the new year.

“It’s essential for individuals to stay informed about economic trends and make informed decisions to navigate potential challenges effectively.

“To address these economic uncertainties, rising cost of living, and employment concerns involves proactive approach. Seeking professional advice, creating a resilient budget, exploring additional income sources, and investing in personal development are key strategies to enhance financial resilience in the new year.”

A pastor of The Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), Adedayo Ojo said people should practice the habit of managing food and money. 

He said that people should have a budget and spend within the budget to minimize their monthly bills.

According to the Imam of the Darul’salam mosque, Ijapo Extension, Abdulsalam Faruq said the best way to deal with financial hardships in the year 2024 is to plan ahead financially when making any decisions.

He also urged people to always prioritize God above all things.

According to him, Nigeria cannot benefit everyone; “we should know that no situation is permanent and we should always remember that there are house rent, school fees and so on to pay so people should save up and avoid being extravagant.”

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Experts list strategies to help Nigerians cope

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