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Fanciful shorts for ‘bigger guys’

WEEKEND EXTRABy Evelyn Omotoye
Shorts have continued to gain more popularity in fashion trend nowadays. The way they are being designed and packaged with suit tops recently make them more fascinating.

Gone were those days where shorts were a form of identity for a “village teacher”. Some uniforms for certain group of government officials, such Environmental Health officers and policemen were specially designed to be “shirt and short”.

It could be very hilarious seeing those headmasters tucked in their long sleeve shirts into that “large” below-the-knee tailored shorts with a cross-belt and shifted up to their abdomen with a long knee length sucks and a pair of boots.

The story nowadays is entirely different. Shorts fashion has become a little more experimental over time and are now being seen with “big guys”. Beyond the house and street wear things,  shorts are now designed from sweet coloured fabrics, even with Ankara, the African print, and worn to many social gatherings such as clubs, evening outings, birthday parties and so on.

Their summer alternative are: sweat shorts.They provide comfort for lounging around the house or replicating runway looks with sweatshirts, oversized tees and slick trainer on the street.

In fact, the in-thing now is making shorts from multicoloured patterned Ankara. Just a little above the knee which goes perfectly with plain round neck T-shirt or a body-fitted suit top and a flat heeled footwear. You would be taken for the “biggest trendy boy” even if you are older than 70 years in a complete outfit of such especially when you stepped in to a club.

There’s a large range of different types of shorts. This includes chino, jean, sweat, cargo and khaki, so be sure to pick the pair that suits you. The Sportswear is perhaps in its golden era, as sport -luxe and athleisure have dominated runways and street style for the past few seasons. With more extra side pockets, cargo is good to go. Tailored joggers have also become a wardrobe essential, and won’t be going anywhere so soon.

Sports brands and European designers are equally capable of providing the finest sweat short designs you desire. Nevertheless, always think about practically, comfort, fit, durability, and versatility. These should be your priorities when it comes to choosing your pair of shorts.

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