Farm thief nabbed in Oba-Ile

By Tola Gbadamosi
The long hands of nemesis has caught up with a teenager (names withheld), who was reported to constantly steal farm produce in Oba-Ile community, Akure North Local Government area of Ondo State.

The Hope gathered that residents of Oba-Ile town, have long waited for marauders who hide under the cover of darkness to steal their farm produce.

One of the affected farm owners, Mr Emmanuel Obiora who is a dry cleaner in Oba-Ile Estate and also a farm land owner, told The Hope Metro on how they caught the young man in the act.

He narrated: “Whenever I go to church every morning, I notice some part of my yam farm have been uprooted. I used to go with my family. But now, I went alone and ask my wife to stay behind, because I used some part of my land for farming.

Another victim, whose yam farm was raided, spoke under the conditions of anonymity said, “that same boy have been coming to my compound to steel my yam as well, they say everyday for thief one day for the owner.

“There was a day I sensed someone in my garden at about 11 pm. I set my dogs on him, but he escaped. I noticed a yam heap was out of the ground half way.

I wonder how he could come in because my land is by the road side and everyone could see who goes in and out.

The suspect, who was said to have been taken to the Police station at Oba-Ile Division for custody, was said to have sold over 150 tubers of yams to some persons.

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The Hope Metro gathered that, investigations are being carried out by the police. While the two buyers of the yams among others, have been arrested and in police custody.

Farm thief nabbed in Oba-Ile

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Farm thief nabbed in Oba-Ile

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