Fashionable hats/caps for classy outfit

By Evelyn Omotoye
In those old days,  hats or caps were only cherished by elderly native men. Military /paramilitary men were compelled to put on caps either by rules or by nature(sun). But nowadays, man, woman, both young and old make them part of their resembles.

Hat/cap is very essential in making good dress sense. You would not be regarded as a perfect gentleman if you were not putting on a cap to match your outfit, especially in native attire.

At any formal outing, you could either wear a suit- English man dress or put on your traditional(moderate) outfit, so long you put on the appropriate cap, it is quite acceptable.

Hat/cap, apart from beauty, serves as mode of identification of who and which tribe or which office or group/orgabisation a person belong to. Mostly in parties nowadays,  native caps, especially varieties of Yoruba type are used as uniform (aso -ebi) for men to bring out the best colour combinations in such event.

It also majorly serves as coverings and shield the head and the eyes from the ultraviolet rays from the sun. This is why it is imperative for military/paramilitary or field engineers to put on caps due to the nature of their job.

Cap in addition helps in gaining confidence to start a conversation as it shield the face from direct eye contact, especially with a “new catch”.

When you put on a classy African native cap-Igbo, Yoruba or Hausa cap to match your attire, it makes you truly and proudly indigenous and seen as promoting the culture if the land.

There are varieties of caps/hats that suit different occasion. Some caps worn by group of people have traditional, religious and official significance. Visit a boutique and get some such as beach hat, barrette, Panama, Breton cap, baseball cap, fez, sport cap, picnic hat among others  to fit your desired event.


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