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Female clients offer us sex for our services — Tattooists

By Maria Famakinwa


Fidelis, a 38-year- old graduate of Economics ventured into tattoo business after every attempt to be gainfully employed proved abortive.

After some years into the profession, he declared that he found the job to be fun because it frequently brings him in contact with different classes of people in the society,  the young man could be said to have seen the good and bad sides of the job since he started seven years ago.

Aside the fun and the gain he has made as a tattooist, Fidelis lamented that servicing females with insatiable desire to have tattoos on their boobs, bums and even private parts has remained one of his biggest challenges despite the fact that such service, when rendered, comes with a lot of financial reward.

The young man confided in this writer that the hazards that come with some specific requests made by clients sometimes make the job a bit tough.

“I have been in this business for seven years and I can tell you that if you are not disciplined, you could lose your mind especially with the way some female clients throw themselves at you by offering you their bodies.”

He hinted that although tattoos can be done on any part of the body, most of his female clients specially demand for it to be done on their boobs, bums and even private parts. He disclosed that such selected places are in high demand compared to other parts of the body.

“Once they tell me where they want me to put the tattoo, I cannot turn them down because that is their choice,” he declared.

While stating that he is very business like in his profession, he disclosed that he has done several tattoos for female clients in those very private areas of the body.

He boasted “I can tell you the size of any lady’s boobs or butt by mere looking at her. it is no longer a strange thing to me. But I won’t deny the fact that as a man, I have been aroused after being confronted with such temptation.”

He disclosed that he had several experiences of female clients inviting him over to their places for fun.

“After I did nice tattoos for them maybe on their boobs, bums and thighs, they usually made advances at me. The truth is that if you are not disciplined in this profession, you could lose your respect and money in the process. The experience with female clients who want this type of service has been eye-opening indeed,” he added.

Asked if he charges a special amount to have the boobs, bums or private parts of a female client tattooed, Fidelis said that there are a number of factors which determine the amount he charges for each work. “I charge high price if I am to tattoo  ladies boobs, bums or private parts because it requires some level of expertise for the client not to get injured. While tattoo in other parts of the body are cheaper.”

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Also, Mr Stanley Ebube, another artist in the industry, disclosed that he fell twice for his clients’ pranks when he just started the business and had since learnt his lesson.

His words: “When I just started the tattoo business four years ago, most of my female customers preferred to be tattooed on their bum, boobs and private parts. There was a particular client who made sexual advances at me that I could not resist.”

After tattooing her private part, he said he was equally aroused and had given in to her.

“It was a free offer that any man could hardly let pass, so I fell for it. It was after the whole show I realized my folly when the lady refused to pay for the service rendered. When I insisted on collecting my money, she asked me if I did not equally enjoyed her service. When I discovered she was not ready to pay, I had to go for another round at least to compensate myself. She was not even repentant and was ready for more. Since then, I have made up my mind never to give in to sex as replacement for my service.

“Over the years, I have come to realise that most young ladies want tattoos but can’t afford them, so they seduce and even offer free sex just to get it done. Offer of free sex by female clients is a regular feature on the job. The opportunity to see different parts of a female body is one of the most interesting aspects of this job,” he revealed.

On if bum, boobs and private parts tattoo are done in the shops, he said that it depends on the client, the structure of the shop and the time. “If the shop in question has what we refer to as a consulting room and the client is okay by it, it can be done there. But if we are doing the tattoo in the consulting room, it must be done later in the day because the parts of the body to be tattooed are private. But some clients would insist they come to your house for private parts tattoo which is very tempting because anything can happen if one  is not careful. Due to this, I don’t subscribe to home service,” he said.

Also, Mr Femi Bright, a graduate of Technical College turned tatooist, disclosed that a good tattoo start from N40,000. He further explained that apart from the growing demand for bum, boobs and private parts tattoo that he gets on a weekly basis, the free offers of sex that come along with it is something he reckons could derail even a good man if not very careful.

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He told this writer that he has managed to keep his sanity through the grace of God as he narrated his ordeal.

He said: “One of my clients, a fair-complexioned beautiful lady insisted that she wanted tattoo on her boobs and private part. We agreed to have it in the consulting room when it was dark. She came as expected, but as soon as she removed her bra, I became unsettled on sighting her boobs. When I touched it, I became wet that the lady noticed. I was completely lost, hapless and became dizzy as if I was charmed. It triggered emergency hormones in me that the client had to tap me to restore my concentration. Though, not my first time to tattoo on boobs but the shape of her big breasts was the temptation I struggled to resist.”

Asked what happened after the tattoo, he said it was a no-go area as he refused to talk more about it.

He revealed that apart from boobs, bum and private parts, some ladies also like to have tattoos on their thighs and legs. “It is not easy seeing all these special parts of the body without being aroused as a complete man. But even when these female clients deliberately seduce me while working on them, I try to stay calm because I understand that, that is the only way I can get a good job done.”

Another tattooist, who simply gave his name as Tayo B, hinted that though, tattoo business is a very lucrative one, there are lots of hazards and one of them is constant encounter with seduction and temptation from female clients.

He explained: “ One of the rules of doing tattoos on females’ private areas is that you must not be someone who loves sex too much. As a person, when these ladies try to seduce me or demand for sex, I simply tell them that I am a gay just to scare them. This is one of the ways I have been able to deal with the situation. My experiences with ladies in the last five years on this job are proofs that some ladies could be wild when they get aroused while working on them.

“A female client wanted a bum tattoo, I charged her higher to discourage her but she did not back down. She suggested to have it in my house but I told her my mother was around so we agreed to have it in my consulting room at the shop. As soon as she pulled down her pant for me to start, I became tempted but quickly put myself together. I was surprised when she started telling me how she ended her past relationship and asking me if her bum shape was fine. Instead of replying I started singing and begging her to allow me concentrate to avoid any mistake.

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“When she sensed that I was not interested in her pranks, she came out clearer and said I would need you after the tattoo, robbing her hands on my chest. When I completed the tattoo she paid me and said “That is not all, I want you.” She started caressing me and I played along until I told her that I was a gay. It was then I realised that the key to the shop that I had been searching for to escape was hidden by her because we locked ourselves in to prevent anybody from coming in since it was a special tattoo. She brought the key out in annoyance, opened the door and left in anger. My claim of being a gay was my saving grace.”

He stated that although female clients can be interesting to work with, one has to be wise about it. He shared that he usually take extra caution whenever he works with them.

He told The Hope that some of his female clients that demand for these special tattoos on their bums, boobs and private parts, also invited him to hotels and their houses for sex.

“But I really don’t honour such because a lady could easily claim that you want to rape her. I have had several experiences of female clients forcing themselves on me, so I am careful how I relate with them,” he said.

Tattoo in recent times is a fashion concept embraced by daring women. A certain class of the society often times look at women with tattoos as “scarlet women”. However, this has not deterred many ladies especially youths from putting tattoos on their bodies.

Speaking on the side effects of tattoos, a medical practitioner, Dr Roland Arohunmolase, warned that tattooing the body have some complications.

He said the sources of concern that are raised on the dangers it poses to the body could range from the substances used in the colouring to the needle, the incidences of infection and the risk of cancer.

He said: “It depends on what is used and of course the first thing is the needle used. If an infected needle is used, infections like Human Immunovirus HIV and hepatitis can be transmitted. The second problem is from the dye used to do the tattoo. The dye can stimulate allergic reactions and some people develop allergy at the sight of the tattoo.”

Female clients offer us sex for our services — Tattooists

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