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Flood sweeps away motorcyclist, passengers

By Sade Adewale, Ondo


An unidentified commercial motorcyclist and his passengers were swept away by a flood in Ondo West Local Government Area of the state after they refused to leave the area during heavy rain.

The incident which involving four persons, happened in the Odojomu area, Oka Road, at about 5 pm .

The motorcyclist, carrying passengers, fell into the bridge as they tried to drive through the flooded road.

As the water carried them away, spectators were heard screaming for the people to leave the bike and hold on to wood on the bridge.

Some good Samaritans tried to save the people and succeeded in grabbing hold of the victims. They were eventually rescued.

According to one of the passengers who jumped down from the bike before entering the bridge, Dupe Omolayo said, “I thank God because He is the one that dragged me from the bike.

“My friend and I told the bike man to stop, but he said he would move slowly on the bridge. As the bike was turning towards the bridge, something pulled my hand, and I jumped up before the bike and the people on it entered the bridge.

“The good Samaritans rescued the victims, and they have been taken to the hospital for treatment.

“I am using this opportunity to appeal to the government to do something about the bridge. This is getting too much. Every rainy season, this bridge must carry people away; some will be rescued, while some will die in the bridge,” Omolayo said.

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Speaking with the police at Enu-Owa, they said, “The report came to us late, but the victims are alive because we were told that some good Samaritans jumped into the bridge and rescued them.

“The victims have been taken to the hospital for proper treatment,” the police added.

Flood sweeps away motorcyclist, passengers

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Flood sweeps away motorcyclist, passengers

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