Flowing or feeling stuck?

Finding blocks, clearing them & manifesting what you want

By Aditi Raman Shridhar
How many times have you desired something that could truly make you happy but then you second guessed your ability to acquire it and dropped the desire? Many people get so frustrated because of not being able to manifest their desires that they stop dreaming big dreams altogether. “It’s not going to come true anyway,” is their dominant belief. They start feeling content with lesser dreams and achievements and leave the big ones to be achieved by others.

Being in flow or feeling stuck correlates to being able to manifest anything you see yourself deserving of versus what you don’t. The differentiating factor is a belief. In the world of spiritual seekers negative beliefs or any other false judgement or concept inside of us which hinder us from achieving our goals is called Blocks. The feeling of, “I don’t believe I can have it,” is the biggest block.

Quite literally blocks correspond to the blocks in the various dimensions of our existence. There can be a block in our physical body or emotional body, intellectual body or spiritual body. The three basic dimensions of our existence in the Earth plane are Physical body – our body and the other forms of matter we see in this world, Emotional body–through which feel and express emotions, and Energy body – our spiritual self (popularly called soul, energy or spirit).

Finding the Blocks

While physical blocks are the easiest to recognize because they are visible in physical form or are signaled by pain and discomfort, the emotional blocks are slightly complex to gather. When you experience emotional discomfort it is not easy to determine the exact cause that triggered it. You can say losing a game made you sad. But there could be a deeper emotion of feeling unworthy of winning that might be completely hidden from you. Clearing emotions at the root and raising your overall frequency to joy, love and happiness is also hard when you don’t know how to do it. To add to these hurdles, most people don’t even acknowledge how they are feeling and think that shutting out emotions is a wise step.

Spiritual blocks are the hardest to discover because not only is energy ‘invisible’, but also most people don’t believe that it is a dimension of existence. And the main one.

So, how can we navigate through the dimensions and find blocks? For starters, it is important to understand that every desire first takes birth in the energy field, the level of the soul. It then pops into the mind as a thought and image. Mind is only a tool that is guided by energy. The thought then comes into fruition by emotions and inspired action.

Just like desires, blocks also first take form in the energy field or soul and manifest through the physical and emotional bodies. Naturally, their clearance then also occurs in the same order – spiritual-emotional-physical. This is what regular meditators do. But for beginners who are new to this concept, we can go the other way round for convenience and explanation sake.

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If you have a physical disability, then you know what the block is. It is visible in the form of a headache or sprain or wound. And if you are healthy and have no underlying diseases then you can be assured that you are not blocked physically. In the emotional dimension, the first sign of a block is the feeling of discomfort. Ask yourself what emotions do you experience when you are alone? What emotions do you mask from others? What is the trigger for your emotion – a person, place, thing or memory?

Your emotions either make you ‘suffer’ or help you ‘flow’. They never lie neutral. A simple way of differentiating between the two types of emotions is to see what a feeling does to your body. If your emotion makes you ‘contracted’ in your chest and abdomen it is a lower emotion, and if it makes you ‘expanded’ and light in your chest and abdomen, it is a high frequency emotion.

Ignoring your emotions is the most detrimental thing you can do to yourself. They are intelligent maps, like an internal GPS, guiding you every moment if something is right or wrong for you and what you should do. When you become aware of your lower emotion, you need to clear it and raise it in frequency now. This is where asking good questions comes into play. Let’s take an example – Say, your spouse has done something that makes you angry/ sad/ shameful/ guilty. Now, what do you do? First, put a word to that emotion and be specific what it is. Then ask what triggered it. Next, ask if this situation has occurred in the past. (May be your parent did it to you in your childhood or something else happened). Ask, what is the root cause of this emotion? You might feel it is because you don’t feel cared and respected by others. If a memory pops up from the past when someone made you feel this way, close your eyes and blow up the scene in front of you in all its detail and say – I choose to recognize this block and false belief in me that I am unlovable. I choose to let it go from all the dimensions of my existence. You can visualize a beautiful energy erasing the low emotions and the memory and filling you up with unconditional love and support. Say – I choose to fill myself with unconditional love, support and confidence.

Instead of this, majority of people yell at their spouses. The act brings the emotions further down. As tempting as it may seem, do not react and feed the false ego by yelling at your spouse. A feeling of discomfort is a sign for you to clear a wound inside. Take loving actions for yourself.

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In this scenario, another thing might also happen. May be there is no related memory that comes up. The incident may then feel like a nudge for you to do something loving and positive in the present. May be it is a call to be more patient and loving toward your spouse and seeing the event from another perspective.

Coming to the third dimension – the spiritual – known as energy or spirit body or soul or your infinite self. It might seem tricky to work with blocks here but it can become easy if you understand the concept. All you need to do to work on this dimension is to connect to God or Universe or divine energy and see yourself flowing with its loving light. A simple yet powerful prayer can be, “I am connected to you. I want (your desire) in my life. Please show me what I must do, how I achieve it and what blocks are preventing me. Help me clear them.”

The feeling of ‘connection’ is key here. Even if you don’t see, sense or feel the divine light soaking you, believe that you are connected. We are always intuitively connected to the light as we are infinite beings.

The Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction is one of the most popular buzz words in the spiritual community and many of you might have heard of it. Whether you believe it or not, I can tell you (after having tried and tested it in almost all areas of my life) that it is a 100% real as gravity and the sun and moon.

The Law of Attraction as the words suggest is the attraction of anything that exists inside your energy field. And the law plays out like a mirror around you – reflecting the fruition of your inner desire in your outward reality. As a creator and spiritual being, you consciously or unconsciously make your desire flow from your spiritual dimension towards the emotional and physical dimensions and finally into a visible reality in your life.

In very specific terms, if you desire to feel unconditionally loved by your spouse and visualize yourself being cuddled and complimented by your spouse and feel great about it, you will see the materialization of that desire in the very exact way in your life. Your spouse will cuddle, compliment and take care of you in every way and you will feel great. On the flip side, if you desire this and secretly believe – But I am not lovable – the very opposite will happen. Every possible scenario will show up that makes you feel crappy and unlovable by your spouse because the belief you have interferes with your desire. The belief of not being lovable is your block!

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Law of Attraction works at lightning speed – manifesting either your desire or your block. Your reality is, therefore, the very mirror reflecting your inner desires and blocks to you. This also proves another law attached to the Law of Attraction. This is the Law of Movement of Energy. The desire moves in only one direction – inside to outside. Hence, all of you who think you are victims of outside circumstances and feel powerless in changing your life must take a serious look at this concept.

There is another law at play along with the two mentioned above that most spiritual seekers do not acknowledge. But I would like to pen it down here. It is the Law of Duality. Duality exists in the universe in every form – night and day, white and black, light and dark, love and fear, happy and sad, north and south, captivity and freedom, etc. And no form of life can escape it. This affects the Law of Attraction pretty severely. For example, you desire unconditional love and a deep connection to someone in your life and you clear all your blocks and do possibly everything to manifest the scenario, but the very opposite happens. What do you do then? Every desire does not meet its manifestation. And thank God for that! Otherwise we would kill people who we hate, in matter of seconds.

So, perhaps when you birth a desire for connection, but get embroiled into a very emotionally distressing relationship with that person. You clear your blocks, do powerful visualizations, yet you get stuck in an even worse situation. Then pause and realize that the Law of Duality is in play.

The universe or god or our higher self (whatever you like to call it) loves us so much that sometimes when we desire something, we are first made to taste the very opposite of that experience so as to become truly able to know and relish the real experience. So, if you desire unconditional love, the Law of Duality might make you go through the most conditional love relationships and unlovable scenarios, to finally bring you to the truest and purest experience of unconditional love. This explains why most enlightened masters, who desired freedom and enlightenment, were born in the most captive and distressing environments.

So, how do you feel about your life and choices now? What do you truly desire? Are you afraid of dreaming the big dreams now? Manifesting can be fun, super simple and stress-free. Try these simple concepts for yourself and see what miracles occur in your life.

Aditi Raman Shridhar is an Indian journalist, therapist and health instructor.

Flowing or feeling stuck?

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