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Frustration-Aggression of Nigerians

NIGERIA is walking steadily towards self-annihilation. The forces at war with the nation and her nationals are found to be internal as against external aggressors of Ukraine and other nations. Unfortunately, given that the attacks, though somehow forewarned, are not expected, the casualties are usually unprecedented. However, The Hope  has observed that beyond the activities of terrorists, a new dimension of violence by ordinary Nigerians seem to have erupted. We observe the incident of the woman, who being stark naked was bent on arson in a Petrol Station; and also, a Lagos driver who defecated on his hands and smeared a Lagos State Transport Agency, LASTMA official with it. There are also increased cases of domestic violence and subhuman behaviors in the society. Specifically, there are cases of jungle justice, suicide attempts, murder and many other vices that point to mental health disorder of many Nigerians.

OUR cursory observations into these phenomena reveal that many Nigerians have become unnecessarily aggressive in these times. The aggression, on further enquiry, reveals that it was borne out of frustration. This is hinged on the frustration-aggression theory which stipulates that when people are frustrated, an aggressive drive towards the object of their frustration is developed. However, when the object of frustration is protected and beyond the angst of the frustrated, aggression is expressed on someone or something else, that is, the aggression is displaced onto an innocent target. That explains why innocent Nigerians have become targets of bandits (who claim they have unsettled agreements with President Buhari’s   administration.

BEYOND the bloodletting bandits, many public, and private sector workers are languishing under the pains of unpaid salaries; and pensioners are groaning under the heavy burdens of food and health induced debts; there is the galloping inflation that has tripled the cost of living of the average Nigerians; and the heavy burdens of increased tax and non-service delivery heightens the frustration of many. The ‘overwhelmed’ Police force and the ‘ill-equipped’ military had in no small way heightened the fears of many Nigerians who are being prevented from seeking legal means of livelihoods by seemingly protected terrorists. A sad irony remains that terrorists have invaded a government ‘secured’ facility and rescued their members who were in captivity, while the government has been unable to secure the release of innocent Nigerians, hitherto captured by these bandits.

FRUSTRATION  in Nigeria is more aggravated by the perception of injustice in the political system. When reporting a case at the police station incurs payment to get statements written; and times were when suspects are seen walking free and threatening whistle blowers, the frustrations of the dutiful Nigerian cannot but increase. As it is now, public universities are under locks and keys thereby delaying access to education, prolonging marital age, closing doors to many opportunities, and of course prolonging the years needed to acquire a certificate for eligibility to be an applicant. 

AT the economic levels, videos abound of Nigerians, whose accounts were mishandled, and  unable to get reprieves; access to bank loans to enhance entrepreneurial development are frustrated; and efforts to even start a neighbourhood business are hampered by laws that are without a human face. Unfortunately, given that the Nigeria political office holders and policymakers are shielded against the angst of the people, the aggrieved and frustrated manifest their anger against their fellow Nigerians  in frustration.

THE Hope warns that any nation that harbours a large percentage of frustrated elements in the society is sitting on a keg of gunpowder which may soon ignite. There is the need for government to ensure that Nigerians have access to a sound, effective and available social justice system, which would ensure that individual rights are protected and enhanced. Various institutions of government and non-governmental institutions should also embrace the culture of making counselling sections available to all that need it. It is time for Nigerians to realise that transferred aggressions do not solve problems but rather exacerbate them. Instead of introducing new policies that may heighten tension in the land, it is high time policies, laws and enforcement officers wore a human face.

WE also entreat that various political parties, their flag bearers and erstwhile supporters to be careful with their various political campaigns, songs, attitudes and utterances. With the level of frustration in the land, a little show of aggression could set the nation on fire. Therefore, it is expedient that government should ensure that frustrations are mitigated by ensuring the safety of lives and property  of the various peoples in Nigeria, thereby dousing the aggressive behavior that could emanate from agitations from frustrated Nigerians.


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