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Garden Egg: Get Appropriate Farmland

By Fatima Muraina


Prepare your land for planting. it is advisable to include 30 tons/ha of decomposed farm-yard manure fortnightly before planting.

Propagation of Garden Eggs

Nurse Garden egg seeds in a tray or seedbed. When they are at 2 leaf stage, prick out seedlings in seed trays into bigger bins and transplant to the sphere at 5 leaf stage.


Plant seedlings ideally in the direction of the night at a sq. spacing of 90cmx90cm in the course of the main moist season and 90cmx60cm within the minor season at a Seed fee of: 350g to 500g per ha.

Pest and Illness Management

Pest and all type of illness are managed by routine sprays of advisable pesticides.


Garden eggs often begin to bear fruits from about 2 months after transplanting and will proceed to bear fruits for 3 months or extra. Fruits needs to be harvested twice weekly.

Fruits should have shiny pores and skin and engaging colour. In the meantime throughout harvesting, guarantee to chop the fruit from the branches with about 5cm stalk and calyx hooked up.


Relying on the range and administration practices used, a yield of 15-40 tons/ha may be obtained and the Fruits have to be graded and packed into plastic baskets after harvesting.


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