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By Olatoye Oluwarotimi


Gardening can help prevent and fight cancer, and the very foods in your garden can give you a better life.

Gardening will help you live a healthier lifestyle

The food you grow in your garden can help you get the 21/2 cups of vegetables and fruits recommended daily for adults

Benefits of Gardening

It increases physical activity and helps to relieve stress walking through the garden

It creates sense of belonging and access to Free Vitamin D from the morning sun

Vitamin D (the Sun Vitamins) helps the body absorb calcium, essential for good bone health. It also helps the immune, muscle, and nervous systems function properly

Research suggests that women with low levels of vitamin D have a higher risk of breast cancer. Vitamin D may play a role in controlling normal breast cell growth and may be able to stop breast cancer cells from growing.

Gardening is a form of exercise. Digging in the dirt, pulling weeds and pushing a wheel barrel can burn as many calories as aerobic exercise. And, burning calories can help you maintain a healthy weight

Gardening improve mental health because t he longer you garden, the better your mental health may be.

Gardening can help alleviate or prevent symptoms of depression, like fatigue , sadness, and improve memory function.

Growing fresh vegetables, fruits and herbs in your garden promotes healthy eating. And, eating a nutritious plant-based diet is one of the best ways to lower your cancer risks.

Gardening connects people with the health and wellness benefits of nature and improves quality of life.

It brings Joy watching your plants grow gives you something to look forward to every day

Here are some list of cancer-fighting plants that you can grow at home are Tomatoes, Garlic, baby Spinach, Kale, Chaya(Iyanpaja), Moringa, Bitter Gourd, Chia, Dandelion, Stevia and Sweet potatoes.


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