Goat rearing is money spinning-Expert 

Goat rearing is money spinning-Expert

By Kehinde Oluwatayo
Goat production has been described as a money spinning venture if properly managed.

 An agriculturist and a goat farmer, Mr Oladapo Ewete who spoke with The Hope in an interview said the milk of the animal is the most digestible of all ruminant animals and contains very low fat content.

According to him, some countries have recommended that a child must take a glass of goat milk everyday to boost their intelligent quotient, adding that it is very good for them.

He said further that goat milk can be used in making soap, body cream, yogurt, ice cream apart from drinking it whole or using it to make tea, adding that all these are excellent products.

While saying that every part of the animal is excellent, Ewete said the skin is highly profitable in Nigeria and Africa sub region. He said that its meat is more nutritious and sweeter than beef.

He acknowledged the fact that these products are not affordable adding that the only way it can be made available is through large scale production.

“Anyone who will rear goat and make maximum profit must go into large scale and must be ready to confine them.

 “He must feed them very well because it is whatever you give to them that they will give back to you and cannot expect to make profit in one year,” he stated.

 According to him, goat rearing is not as difficult as people think but needs to be understood to get the best from it.

 He called on Nigerians to embrace it for its nutritional value and it’s profitability.

Goat rearing is money spinning-Expert 

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