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Gone, but your memory, legacies remain evergreen

Chief Ebenezer Oyawale aka Baba 1-1

(April 8, 1929 – Jan 29, 2022)

Those times I spent with you whenever I visit home town turned into treasured memories. You were a father that cares for the children and everyone of us who are close to you while on earth.

In those years I was opportune to have spent with you Baba 1-1. I have come to realize that  hard work and determination pays.

Your words of encouragement was second to none. You are a disciplined and principled father who values culture and norms.

I could recall vividly when I told you that I am getting married in few months time. You said to me, Tony! A son has no right to confront his dad that he’s getting married.

You corrected me to say “Bai, han ti fe la fe aya ko omo won”, meaning ‘Dad, it is time to get a wife for your son. We both laughed on that day.

Aged 94, Baba 1-1, I will personally miss you. No doubt, you lived a fulfilled life and returned to your maker at a ripe age that not many people have the privilege to attain.

You answered  the HEAVENLY call on January 29th, 2022 at your residence, Temidire street, Ile-Oluji, Ondo State

All thanks to God Almighty because you came, you saw and conquered.

Rest on Baba.

Anthony Osunyikanmi JP, Indianapolis, USA.


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