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Good governance, solution to insecurity -Criminologist

By Elisha Arafin


Good governance is the key to ensure proper security of lives and property in Nigeria.

The Head of Department of Criminology, Adekunle Ajasin University, Akungba Akoko, Dr. Ikuomola Adediran Daniel said this in an interview with The Hope.

Ikuomola stated the government must not relent on taking necessary steps if it must prevent crimes in the country.

While speaking on the arrest of those who allegedly attacked Owo, the criminologist stressed that  the motive and benefits of the dastardly attack should be interrogated, saying it could lead to further vital information, especially those that financed the attack

“These are the alleged people who came to the church to carry the dastardly attack, the question we should all ask is that, what was the motive and the benefits?, the motive can lead us to those who sent them.

“I’m not sure Ondo state has any problem with the Ebira community. They have been living peacefully for God knows how long.  Who sent them and what was the motive? That’s why they said the investigation is still going on.

“What saddened everybody is those who lost their lives, the lost is still painful and it’s not what you can wave hand over” he added.

He emphasised that the war on criminality would be won if government is responsible to the government.

“In a situation where economy is bad, people are jobless and hungry, it is easy to commit crimes. Due to the situation in the country, some people are dying silently, not only those who have been attacked”.

Ikuomola added that future deadly attacks could be prevented if government never relented on taking the necessary steps by empowering the security personnel to discharge at the higher level.


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