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Group mulls task force on pesticides use

By Kehinde Oluwatayo
The National President of Agricultural Commodity Associations of Nigeria (FACAN), Dr. Victor Iyama, said the organisation had set up a task force to ensure safe and responsible use of pesticides.

He said this is to prevent more accidents, protect farmers’ health, and improve efforts in the field.

A considerable number of accidents occur each year as a result of pesticide mistakes, causing eye, skin, and respiratory infections.

Iyama said the move has become necessary with the reported abuse of the use of Spiner in beans preservation. The task force, according to him, is targeting farmers and producers.

The task force, he added, aims at reducing the risks and consequences of the use of pesticides, including a reduction of the use and placement in the market of the products.

At farm, he said the association will ensure balanced information will be available to farmers about the risks of the use of plant protection products, proper storage conditions, as well as alternative solutions that entail a smaller risk.

According to him, it has become clear that farmers were relying on chemical pesticides too much and using any pesticides they could buy without proper guidance.

Although most farmers use agricultural chemicals to control pest and disease attacks these days, he said many haven’t been properly trained on application practices.

As a result, the chemicals have a high chance of contaminating crops. He said the association is determined to teach farmers about pesticide safety.

Owena Press Limited (Publisher of The Hope Newspaper), Akure

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